Andrus 100% Fundraiser


How does it work?


Instead of volunteer-intensive fundraisers that ask our kids to sell products that give back just a fraction of profits, we are asking that each family makes a meaningful donation, whatever that means to you. 100% of that money goes directly to support our school!                                                                                                    


How are funds used?

Your tax-deductible donations go directly to Andrus PTA to improve our children's education and     continue existing programs and improve our school:

● Buy the last 5 promethean boards

● Buy a school marquee board

● Educational assemblies

 How much will it cost me?

Here's some great news –on top of your usual tax deductions, Idaho will also give you a tax credit for HALF of what you donate! Your donation costs a fraction of what you give to the school.

Contribution Amount      







 Federal Tax Savings







 Idaho State Tax Savings







 Idaho Tax Credit







Actual cost







                                           Consult your tax advisor for more information

 As a THANK YOU for your support:

·         Each donation made will enter you into drawings for prizes.

·         A free Andrus t-shirt with every $100 donation

·         Every Donation $500 and above is entered into a drawing for a VIP parking spot !!!

·         Our goal is 100% participation; each class to achieve this gets an ice cream party!!


How can I make my donation?

Cash Credit Card/ Check (payable to Andrus PTA

Fill out the attached form and return it to your child's teacher or the office.

Donations are due by Friday November 18!!!

Thank you for your support of our school!  Donation shows appreciation!

 Please fill out form and return to front office or teacher



Name______________________________  Phone:__________________________________


Students name(s) Teacher and grade______________________________________________

Employer (if matching donation)   _________________________________________________

 Amount of Donation $________________    if $100+, what size Andrus T-shirt______________

Payment: Cash ___________                        Check (made payable to Andrus PTA) _________

 Credit card*: card type ________________________

 Name on card________________________________________

Card number_______________________________ Exp date _________ CVV Code_________
Please contact me for credit card information :____________________________________________


If you have any questions please call Nicole Goggins 208-800-9488 or email


Donations are due by Friday November 18!!!

Thank you for your support of our school!  Donation shows appreciation