• The mile and filed event portion of the district track meet has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 18 at 5:00.  The meet will still take place at Mountain View High School.  If you know your child will not be able to attend, please let Ms. Lewis know immediately as they are allowing for substitutions.  Thanks!
    • The district track meet will be held May 16th and 17th at Mountain View High School.  Events will begin at 6:00.  Entry to the stadium will not be allowed until 5:00.  Please be aware that the league will charge for admission on May 17th. The mile run and all field events will take place on Tuesday.  All remaining running events will take place on Wednesday.

                         ADMISSION FEE:  There will be an admission fee on Wednesday, but                          not on Tuesday.


                                                 Seniors: $3.00

                                                 Adults: $5.00

                                                 Students: $3.00 (w/ activity card)

                                                                  $4.00 (w/o activity card)

                                                Children: $3.00 (5 years-5th Grade)

                                                Bus drivers, coaches with school team, Meridian School                                                   District employees with ID badge, and coaches with IHSAA                                             passes will be admitted free.

    • Please note that if a practice needs to be canceled, it will be canceled at least 10 minutes prior to the end of the school day.  We do our best to cancel in a timely manner, but weather in the spring is often unpredictable.