• High School Information & Important Dates




    • January 23rd & 24th- Students will be given a presentation regarding Naviance, which is an online program our district has purchased to help students connect their academic achievements to long-term goals- whether they’re applying to college, entering the workforce, joining the military, etc. after high school. Each student will log into their account and will complete a Career Cluster Finder assessment.  This will give them options of possible career options based on the results of their assessments.  They can then explore programs of study, colleges, salaries, etc.  This will only be a brief introduction of Naviance; however, students will continue using it in high school. 

    Directions for logging onto Naviance from home:

    1. Go to westada.org
    2. Click on Parent/Student tab
    3. Click on Educational Apps
    4. Click on Clever


    Username:  Student’s School Username followed by @westada.org

    Password:  Student’s School Password


    4-Year Planners

    The State of Idaho requires ALL 8th grade students to complete a 4-year planner.  The purpose of the planner is to start students thinking about high school and begin mapping out their high school paths.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about classes our district offers, including many specialty areas of study. 

    The 4-year planner can be VERY confusing, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for students and parents to understand.  The most important concept to remember is that this is just a draft plan and is meant to be altered throughout a student’s high school career.  The students will need to fill in elective choices for all 4 years.  When students have a completed 4-year planner, they will be sent home with students on Friday, March 8th for students to review with parents.  

    • January 28th- Students will receive their 1st presentation during their English classes regarding 4-year planners. The English teachers will also give information regarding English electives that are offered so students can choose to put them on their 4-year planners.
    • February 4th- Students will receive their 2nd presentation during their Science classes regarding 4-year planners. The science teachers will also give information regarding science electives that are offered so students can choose to put them on their 4-year planners.
    • February 11th- Students will receive their 3rd presentation during their History/Health Classes regarding 4-year planners. Additional information will be shared with students regarding history electives that are offered. 
    • March 7th- Dena Pengilly, West Ada’s CTE Magnet Programs Outreach Facilitator, will present different CTE paths and courses of study.
      • Pathways: Programming Pathway & Web Design Pathway (Pathways start during students’ 10th grade year and are taught @ Centennial High School- busing provided).
      • Foundational Classes Taught @ Home High Schools: Intro to Engineering Design & Principals of Engineering.
      • CTE Center at Renaissance: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (open to 11th & 12th graders; Digital Electronics (open to 11th and 12th graders); Aerospace Engineering (open to 12th graders); Engineering Design & Development (open to 12th graders); and Civil Engineering & Architecture (open to 11th & 12th graders). These courses are every other day for a half day and busing is provided.
    • March 7th- SMS counselors will work with students to complete the rest of their elective choices on their 4-year planners.
    • March 8th- Students will take home their 4-year planners to review with parents. 

    *Information will be sent home to parents via Blackboard regarding elective options.


    Reality Town

    On March 7th, the 8th grade students will be participating in Reality Town.  This is an educational program that gives realistic financial experience to middle school students.  The simulation is held in SMS’s small gym and each student receives a Student Handbook in which they have been assigned a career, salary, and perhaps a family based on their most current GPA.  Students are taught lessons prior to Reality Town, such as how to balance a checking/savings account.  Students will visit different stations during Reality Town to pay bills and figure out if/how they can survive based upon their choices and their salaries.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tiffany Myers as soon as possible at 208-855-4214 or via email at myers.tiffany@westada.org.  Students and volunteers both find this experience highly enjoyable!!



    High School Registration

    • February 28th- Rocky Mountain High School (RMHS) and Meridian High School (MHS) counselors will come and speak to students at Sawtooth regarding the registration process for high school. Students will be given registration information and packets to take home.  Students will be required to register for their classes online from home for their freshman year by March 6th
    • March 6th- High School registration packets are due! Counselors from RMHS and MHS will come to Sawtooth to assist students in their online registration IF they didn’t complete it at


    *Rocky Mountain High School will be hosting an Advanced Opportunities Night on Wednesday, January 30th from  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


    Specialty High School Information, Applications, & Dates

    Renaissance High School (RHS):

    • 1/31/19- Applications are due. Applications can be found online on RHS’s website.
    • 2/6/19- Lottery Drawing will take place at the District Service Center.
    • 2/11-2/16- Acceptance letters will be sent out.

    Meridian Technical Charter High School (MTCHS):

    • 1/29/19- MTCHS’s counselor will come to Sawtooth to present to interested students during Advisory. If students are interested in attending, they will need to come to the counseling office between now and then to sign up.
    • 1/17/19- Open house for interested students from 12:30 pm to 2 pm.
    • 1/31/19- Open house for interested students from 3:30 to 5 pm.
    • 2/8/19- Applications are due. Applications can be found online on MTCHS’s website.
    • 2/15/19- Lottery Drawing will take place the District Service Center.

    Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School (MMACHS):

    • 2/1/19- Applications are due at noon. Applications can be found online on MMACHS’s website.
    • 2/7/19- Lottery Drawing will be held at the District Service Center.
    • 2/11/19- Acceptance letters will be sent out.

    Idaho Fine Arts Academy (IFAA):

    • 2/16/19- Applications are due by 8 am. Applications can be found online on IFAA’s website.
    • 3/2/19- Auditions @ IFAA.
    • 3/11/19- Audition results will be mailed out.


    I know this has been A LOT of information!!  Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions, concerns, and/or clarifications.  My direct line to my office is (208) 855-4214 and my email address is myers.tiffany@westada.org.


    Thanks for your time!!

    Tiffany Myers, M.Ed., MS, LPC

    8th Grade Counselor/College Career Counselor