•  Dates for High School Registration 


    Rocky Mountain HS & Meridian HS:

    RMHS counselors at SMS to present ot 8th graders about high school registration on February 21st and March 1st through the students' PE classes.

    MHS counselors at SMS to speak to 8th graders about high school registration on March 9th through their PE classes.

    Please view the following link for more information on Rocky Mountain High School https://www.westada.org/domain/5235 

    Please view the following links for more information on Meridian High School courses and registration



    CTE Presentation:

    CTE Presentation is coming to Sawtooth on 2/23/18 to share information to 8th grade PE classes.  Dena Pengilly will present the CTE Magnet Program offerings.  


    Renaissance High School:

    Deadline for online application for the lottery draw is February 1st, 2018

    Medical Arts Charter:

    Deadline for application for the lottery is due February 9th, 2018


    Meridian Technical Charter High School:


    February 1st, 2018 from 3:30-5:00  Another MTCHS Open House for Prospective Students AT MTCHS. This is another opportunity for 8th grade students and parents to see the school and find out what MTCHS has to offer for a quality high school education.  You may show up any time during this time frame.

    • Application for the lottery due February 9th, 2018

    Idaho Fine Arts Academy:

    Online applications close at 8:00 a.m. on February 1st, 2018