The Fast Forward portal (https://advancedops.sde.idaho.gov/) to request funds for QUARTER 4 CONCURRENT CREDIT COURSESOVERLOAD COURSES and/or CTE EXAMS is open from APRIL 9th - APRIL 23rd. 

    Students taking concurrent credit courses with a 4th Quarter registration date, registering for CTE Exams, and/or overload courses must log on to the Fast Forward portal (https://advancedops.sde.idaho.gov/) to request the funds. (Click HERE for information on Overload courses.)

    Information and instructions for requesting Fast Forward funds can be accessed HERE or on the District's webpage.  

    It is important that students and parents remember to complete the following steps:

    1.  Participation Form - Completed in Power School parent portal, under "update student information".  The Fast Forward Participation Form only has to be completed electronically ONCE during high school.  If already completed, move on to step 2.

    2. Create a Fast Forward Account in the portal by April 16th.  If already completed, move on to step 3.

    3. Log on to the Fast Forward portal to request funds for college courses with a quarter 4 registration date, CTE exams, and/or overload courses by April 23rd.

    4. Register for college course through the educational institution, such as BSU, ISU, NNU or CWI. Concurrent credit teachers will provide information and instructions on registering for the course(s) through the institution. CTE teachers will provide information and instructions on registering for the CTE exam. Overload course information can be obtained from the school counselor.

    Questions regarding the course and registration or exams, should be directed to the teacher.  

    Step by step detailed instructions are available on the RHS or District website!

    Students who fail to request Fast Forward funds may be financially responsible for payment to the college or educational institution sponsoring the course! 

    It is encouraged that Seniors check their Fast Forward balance!  Many students have exhausted a majority or all of their funds and will be financially responsible to the college(s) for the concurrent credit fees!

    Mrs. Schneider will be providing Fast Forward help sessions in the Library on the following dates during lunch:

    Wednesday, April 14th

    Thursday, April 15th

    Tuesday, April 20th

    Wednesday, April 21st

    Thursday, April 22nd


    • Questions about Fast Forward Funds: Email Tammy Schneider (schneider.tammy@westada.org)


    • Questions about the Concurrent Credit Course or CTE Exam: Email Instructor of Course