The Fast Forward portal (https://advancedops.sde.idaho.gov/) to request funds for SUMMER CONCURRENT CREDIT COURSES and/or OVERLOAD COURSES is open from MAY 5 - MAY 28.

    Students who are taking college or overload courses through CWI, IDLA or other educational institutions this summer must log on to the Fast Forward portal (https://advancedops.sde.idaho.gov/) to request the funds.

    (Click HERE for information on Overload courses.)

    Information and instructions for requesting Fast Forward funds can be accessed HERE or on the District's webpage.  

    It is important that students and parents remember to complete the following steps:

    1. Participation Form - Completed in Power School parent portal, under "update student information".  The Fast Forward Participation Form only has to be completed electronically ONCE during high school.  If already completed, move on to step 2.
    2. Create a Fast Forward Account in the portal by May 21.  If already completed, move on to step 3.
    3. Log on to the Fast Forward portal to request funds for SUMMER college courses and/or overload courses by May 28.
    4. Register for college course through the educational institution, such as IDLA or CWI!

    Step by step detailed instructions are available on the RHS or District website!


    • If you do not see the course listed in the Fast Forward portal, please email Mrs. Schneider (schneider.tammy@westada.org) so it can be added.
    • Fast Forward funds ONLY pays for the cost of the credit for courses. It will pay up to $75 per credit (i.e. $75 X 3 credit course = $225 or $75 X 4 credit course = $300).
    • Fast Forward funds does NOT pay for online fees, books, etc. Those fees are the responsibility of the student to pay. Students are encouraged to check their financial statement through the college for any additional costs.
      • RHS Counselors DO NOT have access to student CWI accounts or log in information. 
      • Students should log into their CWI account to verify course enrollment and check financial statement.
      • Students must contact CWI's Help Desk (208-562-3444) if they are unable to log into their CWI account.
      • Fast Forward funds for summer courses will not be applied to student college account until August/September. The balance will remain on student’s college account until that time.
    • Students who are in the Associates Program will exhaust all Fast Forward funds and incur costs. Students should keep track of fund balance by logging into their Fast Forward account and checking balance by clicking on Previous Course Submissions. Students need to plan accordingly for any costs that they incur after funds are depleted. Please plan ahead!


    • IMPORTANT: Please note that failure to pass a course you use Fast Forward funds for will result in a hold of your Fast Forward funds for ALL courses.  To release these funds, you MUST pay for the next course and earn credit for that course (pass it) before ANY funds can be accessed. Your funds will remain frozen for ALL courses until both steps are completed!  

     Questions about Fast Forward Funds: Email Tammy Schneider (schneider.tammy@westada.org)