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  • 40 Book Challenge Reviews from Mrs. Mayfield's Class

    Posted by Stephanie Lewis on 4/19/2017

    Garrett E. to 40 Book Challenge

    I just read an exciting, detailed, and descriptive book called Rangers Apprentice The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan. I really liked it when Will found out he was going to be a ranger's apprentice because most people fear the rangers. Most people believe they use dark magic. I also liked it when Will saves his arch rival, Horace, from a wild boar and then they become great friends. My favorite part is when Will kills the last ever living Kalkara which were almost indestructible part bear part ape like creatures with their one weakness of fire. This book has 249 pages

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    Edyn M. to 40 Book Challenge

    I read the book The Land of Stories The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer. First, the twins’ mom goes missing. Then the twins found themselves in the fairy tale world. Then the twins have to build the wand of wonderment to stop the Enchantress. This book is 517 pages long. I liked this book because it made me always on the edge of my seat.

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    Brinlee L. to 40 Book Challenge

    My book is called The Wave: The Classroom Experiment that Went too Far. It has 143 pages in it and the author is Todd Strasser. This book is about a teacher who put together an experiment to see if his students could be anything like Hitler. When there is a fight on school property, Laurie realizes that maybe The Wave isn't such a good thing. The next day, Laurie writes an article about how The Wave is bad. Then some of The Wave members meet and say Laurie needs to be stopped. Around seven, Laurie goes to put a book back in her locker that she won't need. Then she sees the word enemy in red paint. She hears footsteps. They're getting closer and closer... Laurie sprints to the nearest door! When she gets to the door, she realizes that the door is locked. She quickly put down her stuff and found her keys. She unlocks the door and runs for what feels like forever. Then she stops. She meets up with David, and goes to Mr. Ross's house. They tell him that The Wave has gone too far and it needs to end. Will Mr. Ross end The Wave? I enjoyed this book because at almost every chapter there is a cliffhanger and I could read it in a day.

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    Talmage C. to 40 Book Challenge

    This book is call My Father's Dragon. It was written by Ruth Stile Gannett and has 81 pages. In this book, a boy tells a story about when his father was a child and made friends with an alley cat. The cat told the boy's father that there was a way to get to an island where a dragon was held prisoner. The father eventually found the dragon, but only after a series of events where he was almost captured himself. He frees the dragon and flew away from the island with a new friend, aka: the dragon.

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  • What Are We Reading | March 13th

    Posted by Stephanie Lewis on 3/13/2017

    What Are We Reading?

    Evan - 40 Book Challenge

    I finished a book called Weird but True. The author is Emma Morano. There are 312 pages in the book. One fact it says is the universe is flat; another fact is Bulls are color blinded; the final fact is Sharks do not want to bite you they just are curios what you taste like. I loved this book!



    Morgan - 40 Book Challenge

    The book I read was called The One and Only Ivan. The author is Katherine Applegate. It has 300 pages. Three main events that happen in the story are a new elephant and her name was Ruby. Ivan tries to get ruby out of the domain because he made a promise to his friend who died. Ivan moved to a zoo and has other gorillas to play with. I liked this book because it is in the point of view of an animal.

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    Rachel - 40 Book Challenge

    I read a book called Percy Jackson and the Olympians:  The Battle of The Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. There were 341 pages. The Labyrinth, an endless maze, is open again. Kronos army is trying to figure out how to navigate the maze so they will be able to take over Camp Half-Blood. I really enjoyed this book because everything Percy says is so funny.

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