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    Eagle High School uses SportsWare Online for athlete paperwork and documentation.
    Each athlete and/or guardian will need to create an account for SportsWare Online in order to complete the required paperwork for participating in EHS athletics.

    For directions on creating a SportsWare account, click here.

    You must create a new account for each athlete one time while they are a student at EHS.


    For directions on completing the necessary forms in SportsWare, click here.

    The Concussion and IQ forms must be signed annually. 

    The Physical Exam form must be completed during the athlete's 9th- and 11th-grade years. The Physical Exam is required to be done on the IHSAA form.
    To download the IHSAA Physical Exam form, click here.

    IMPORTANT! The Physical Exam form does not need to be turned in to the Athletic Trainer anymore.

    Instead, you will upload the completed form to your SportsWare Online account. See the directions on completing the necessary forms above for how to upload.