Academy High Schools

  • The Meridian School District's High School Academies offer a small-school environment for students in 9, 10, 11, and 12th grade who are at risk of not succeeding at their current high school.

    What puts a student at risk varies greatly by the student. For some students, adapting to a larger school environment is simply overwhelming. Others may have learning or emotional issues that make school a greater challenge. Others may simply need more individualized instruction to spark their interest in learning.

    The program at the district's Academy High Schools are designed to keep students in high school while focused on graduation with a successful academic record. Students at Meridian Academy participate in student support groups and are required to live up to the school's high standards of behavior.

    The State of Idaho has developed criteria that determine if a student qualifies for an alternative school setting. Some of those criteria include:

    Has repeated at least one grade
    Has absenteeism that is greater than 10% during the preceding semester
    Has an overall grade point average that is less than 1.5 prior to enrollment in an alternative program
    Has failed one or more basic skill subjects
    Is two or more semester credits per year behind the rate required to graduate

    Other criteria established by the State of Idaho may qualify your student for the Meridian or Eagle Academy. Admission is based on available space.

    Contact the schools directly to find out more about the program and to discuss if your student meets the admission criteria:

    Meridian Academy: (208) 855-4315
    Eagle Academy: (208) 350-4220
    Central Academy: (208) 855-4325 

Participating Schools