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    Attention all Ski and Snowboard Club Parents and students!

    I would like to first off apologize for the confusion to those of you who showed up at Galileo on Saturday morning for your kids to take the bus up to Bogus Basin. That information was meant for the Dotty Clark race day last year and I forgot to take it off the school website. There will, however, be a bus for the end of the season for the Dotty Clark Race on February 22nd.  We will skip a day from school to go ski for the whole day. This absence from school is not excused unfortunately because this is a school club not a school sanctioned sport. I will post information on that later as the season progresses. I am still not quite sure of the details at this moment. Remember, for your kid to qualify for Dotty Clark race day they must race at least 3 times throughout the season. In regard to the snowboard expert course, last weekend it started at 10:30 am instead of 1:30 pm. I assume it will be the same time this next week. If it does change I will be sure to post an update on our website. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email at labbe.grant@westada.org. I am running this club by myself, so I again apologize for the confusion.

    Thank you,

    Grant Labbe