Winter is just around the corner! The stoke factor is
high and we hope to see you on the slopes!  
Deadline to turn in packets is December 15th, to Mrs. Winkle (Room #116)

***Important info--read all the way to the bottom!
What:   The ski and snowboard Team is a low-key race program.  We compete against other Junior High Schools from around the Treasure Valley. This program is just for FUN.  You will compete against other people of your own ability, level, and gender.  We do not meet as a “team” for the Saturday events. 


Where:   Competitions are held at Bogus Basin.  Maps are included in this packet.  All downhill races are located off the Bitterroot cat track (chair#5), behind the Pioneer condos, and start at 1:30 p.m.  Free Style is located in the Bitterroot Bowl, and start at 11:30.  Nordic begins at 10:30 at the front of the Frontier Point Lodge (Nordic Center).  You must provide your own transportation to the mountain.   


When:  Competitions are held on Six Saturdays, see attached document for dates. In addition, the Dotty Clark championship is held at the end of the season.  We will take the day off of school for the day for this competition.  You must call in your absence to the main office.  You must have competed in at least 3 of the 6 events, in each discipline, to qualify for the Dotty Clark. 


Who:  Anyone who is interested may join.  This program is not recommended for the first time skier or boarder; no time will be given for instruction.  We need skiers and boarders, boy and girls and all ability levels.  You are divided up into novice, intermediate, and expert levels.  We receive points for EVERY racer; therefore, the more people we have race, the better we do as a team.  Remember, you race against other people of the same ability level as you.  You do not have to worry about racing against someone who is really good, unless you are really good.  You are racing for your best time!


Cost:  There is a one-time non refundable fee of $25 for your club dues.  Please make checks out to: Natalya Winkle.  You will also need to purchase a lift ticket each day you compete for a discounted price (see attached sheet for pricing), or have a season pass.  You must also have your own equipment or rent it from Bogus Basin or one of the local ski shops. These are your responsibilities.   


If you have any questions please contact:

Mrs. Winkle in room 116 or by e-mail

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL RACERS. No exceptions. Participants who compete in the Freestyle Competition will need to have completed the Terrain Park Smart Training Course BEFORE they will be allowed to compete; this most be completed by  in order to compete on Saturday. 

Any racer who wants to compete in Freestyle must complete the Terrain Park Smart video and obtain a TPS (Terrain Park Smart) sticker.  
We will issue Terrain Park Smart stickers on the third floor of Pioneer Lodge.  
Accessing the video link:
  • Go to Bogus Basin Website
  • Click on 3 bars in the upper right corner and select Groups
  • Select Bogus Basin School Race Program
  • Scroll down to Terrain Park Smart and click on the link
  • Watch the video.
  • Do the same for Know the Code 
Discounted Information:
Race Day Passes are only for the school snow club members who do not have a season pass.  Cost will be $26.00 (tax included) for race day.  Nordic only is $8.00 plus tax for a day trail pass.  Tickets will not be sold after 1:00, students must have a picture ID. If you purchase a discounted ticket, you must race.  If you do not, you will not be able to buy another discounted ticket for the rest of the season.
Slalom rentals will have a $4.00 discount on full rental packages only with a picture ID.
Nordic rental equipment is free for race only.  If you want it for the day, you will need to pay regular rental prices.