• Hello!  This is my first year at Meridian High School, and I’m excited to be a Warrior!

     I grew up in Boise, and love it here. While I do love Boise, I also love to travel and explore new places and cultures. I have a short list of places I’ve been, and an even longer list of places I want to go! In my free time, I love reading, watching football (BSU games), basketball (Go Spurs!), and tennis (big Rafa Nadal fan).  I may also occasionally indulge in some Netflix binge watching, especially when it’s cold outside and I have a cup of coffee.  

     I’m looking forward to a great year working with all my speech students to enhance their communication and public speaking skills, and with my debate students to work on their argumentation and research skills while also learning about current events!

    The best way to contact me is via email: borjian.sara@westada.org

    208-350-4160 X1131