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    West Ada School Nutrition Services


    Our Mission Statement

    Provide students, patrons, and staff, healthy and appealing meals in a friendly, cost effective, consistent, and efficient manner.

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    We provide over 18,000 healthy meals per day to students at 53 sites.  We serve over 50,000 meals during the summer program. With the opening of our new middle school in the fall, we will have training centers for elementary and secondary sites.   We currently employ over 300 staff members and all staff members are trained in our training center before beginning a new assignment.

    On-site preparation ensures that meals are served hot in compliance with federal, state and local health department regulations.  All menus adhere to the USDA guidelines. 
    In addition to the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch Program, we also provide after school snacks at Gateway Elementary and fresh fruit and vegetable snacks through the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program at Meridian Elementary.