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    Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4/19/2021

    Today's BIG QUESTION: How do we keep the library organized so students can find what they are looking for?


    Call Numbers in a Library" by Stephanie Bailey


    Each section of the library is different, but one thing all books have in common is using a CALL NUMBER.

    A call number can be found near the bottom of each book's spine. It's like an ADDRESS that identifies where it belongs on the shelf. It helps the librarian put books away, but it also helps students find the book they are looking for. 


    The CALL NUMBER for FICTION books in our library has two parts. The top line says FIC which stands for FICTION. The fiction section in our library has red dividers with letters of the alphabet on them. Books are organized by the first three letters of the Author's last name. Those three letters go on the second line of the call number. Book are placed on the shelf in ALPHABETICAL ORDER by the author's last name. 


    You can practice organizing books in the library by playing the following online game. Start with the easiest and move on as you get the hang of it. 


    Shelving Game


    Have fun! Who knows? Maybe you are a future librarian and don't even know it. 


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