Digital Tools

    Tech Squad Advisor and Digital Integration Lead, Lee Cornell   Contactcornell.lee@westada.org

    Digital Tech Lead, Jerren Summers   Contact: summers.jerren@westada.org


    Please remember the "Technology" Tab in the VMS Staff Handbook has the most current weekly tech info.


  • Tech Squad KODIAKhelp Form Access and Technology Help Quick Links:  https://tinyurl.com/VMShelp


    App or website approval form:  App and Website Form


    Parental Coppa Release form: WA Coppa Release Form


    NOTE: If a teacher is going to have students enter personal information into a website or app, staff should put in a VMS KODIAKHelp ticket to see if that app or website has been VMS Tech Committee approved. Jerren Summers can then check and make sure there is a paper trail showing the VMS Tech Committee approval and that our district has a data use agreement in place.


    In the meantime, District COPPA compliance can be checked here, but note that this is an everchanging document and most likely not up-to-date: https://www.westada.org/coppa