Digital Tools

    Tech Squad Advisor and Digital Integration Lead, Lee Cornell   Contactcornell.lee@westada.org

    Digital Tech Lead, Jerren Summers   Contact: summers.jerren@westada.org


    Please remember the "Technology" Tab in the VMS Staff Handbook has the most current weekly tech info.


  • District App or website approval form:  App and Website Form

    Building Review Process: If the resource meets the requirements for building approval, the request will be sent to the Administrator to begin the building review process. If the resource requested requires further review from the TRC, there will be an option to move forward in the Digital Request Form submitted.


    Parental Coppa Release form: WA Coppa Release Form


    NOTE: If a teacher is going to have students enter personal information into a website or app, staff should put in a VMS KODIAKHelp ticket to see if that app or website has been VMS Tech Committee approved. Jerren Summers can then check and make sure there is a paper trail showing the VMS Tech Committee approval and that our district has a data use agreement in place.


    In the meantime, District COPPA compliance can be checked here, but note that this is an everchanging document and most likely not up-to-date: https://www.westada.org/coppa