Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where can I find what we did in class today? 

    A: You can find what we did today on the daily slides. For students, the daily slides can be found in our class Team in the 'General' tab. Parents and gaurdians can find a link to the daily slides in the Family Newsletter. Click HERE to go to our Family Newsletter.


  • Q: How can I stay up-to-date with what is going on in (Honors) Physical Science?

    A: We have a Family Newletter that you can look at. It includes a link to the daily slides, upcoming assessment dates, an overview of the topics we are learning in class, grading info, and more. Click HERE to go to the Family Newsletter.

  • Q: Who can I talk to if I am having technology issues that are not things my teacher can fix? 

    A: The District IT department is a great resource if there is an issues I cannot help with or I cannot help with right away. Click HERE to go to their website. You can submit a ticket or call their help desk number. 

  • Q: Why do only assessments count towards my/my child's grade?

    A: As with anything in life you need to do a lot of practice before you are really good at something. The 8th grade science department has chosen not to grade the learning process so as to give students room to make mistakes and grow and learn with out it affecting their grade. We want to give students the opportunity to build their skills before they are graded on those skills in an assessment.