Welcome to Science!

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Since some people like to know more about their teacher's qualifications, here is a resume:

Teaching Experience:
  • Meridian Middle School
  • MK Nature Center
  • McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS)
  • Boise Watershed Education Center
  • Foothills Learning Center
  • Graduate Cert. Secondary Education - Boise State University
  • MS Natural Resources - University of Idaho
  • Graduate Cert. Outdoor Education - University of Idaho
  • BS Biology (Ecology) - Boise State University
  • BS Geosciences (Hydrology) - Boise State University
  • BAS Electronic Engineering Technology - ITT Technical Institute (Murray, UT)
Other Cool Places I've Worked:
  • USGS (US Geological Survey)
  • Idaho Power
  • Boise State University
  • University of Idaho
  • Idaho Tax Commission
  • Micron Technology
  • BSU Pavilion (Arena)
  • Be prepared to learn more about the world around you! After this class, you should understand some of life's basics like: Why are plants green? What makes one animal different fom another? Why does water run downhill? If places in Alaska get sun for 24 hours a day, why isn't it super hot? Together we will use scientific thinking to explore the way things are put together, how they change, and how they interact. Science can be challenging, but it can also be super rewarding and fun!!!!! I come from an environmental and outdoor education background so I love going outside and doing things a little differently. I hope you do too. See you in class!

  • Incriminating Photos:

    Mr. Lawless (yellow shirt) with friends in McCall.

    Mr. Lawless (in yellow) and friends at McCall Winter Carnival parade.

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    At Hawaii's newest marine sanctuary. Can you say the name?

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    At the real Jurassic Park. They told me not to take my Hot Pocket in with me, but I didn't listen.