Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Science!

Mr. Lawless (yellow shirt) with friends in McCall.
Since some people like to know who's running the classroom, here's Mr. Lawless's resume:

Teaching Experience:
  • Meridian Middle School
  • MK Nature Center
  • McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS)
  • Boise Watershed Education Center
  • Foothills Learning Center
  • Graduate Cert. Secondary Education - Boise State University
  • MS Natural Resources - University of Idaho
  • Graduate Cert. Environmental Education - University of Idaho
  • BS Biology (Ecology) - Boise State University
  • BS Geosciences (Hydrology) - Boise State University
  • BAS Electronic Engineering Technology - ITT Technical Institute (Murray, UT)
  • Be prepared to learn more about the world around you! After this class, you should understand some of life's basics like: Why is air conditioning cold? Why does water run downhill? How many 8th graders does it take to pull a 16,000 pound truck? Together we will explore the way things move and how they are put together using the scientific method and inquiry-based learning. Science can be challenging, but it can also be super rewarding and fun!!!!! I come from an environmental and outdoor education background so I love going outside and doing things a little differently. I hope you do too. See you in class!

     Photo: Mr. Lawless (in yellow) and friends at McCall Winter Carnival parade.