What is Sources of Strength (SOS)

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    What Are We:

    We are a group of diverse students and adults from many different cultures of our school and community.

    What We Believe:

    We believe that life has ups and downs and our mission is to ensure that during the rough times no one gets to the point where they are so overwhelmed or feels hopeless that he or she wants to give up.

    What We Do:

    We spread Hope, Help, and Strength into every corner of our school. We help students and staff turn to their strengths and feel accepted for who they are.


    We recognize that our voice has great power and we use it to break the silence when someone is struggling and to connect them to the help he or she needs and deserve. We spread hope by focusing on stories of strength, rather than on stories of trauma. We know our most powerful impact comes from our personal actions, conversations, and messages that use our music, our art, our writing, our activities, our social media, our culture, and our voice. This gives life to our efforts of making a difference.