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About School Counseling

  • About School Counseling

    West Ada School District Counseling Services

    School counselors are vital members of the education team found in each West Ada school building. Through the implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program, school counselors assist all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development, to ensure that today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. School counselors provide short-term individual counseling, group counseling, and guidance curriculum. School counselors also help connect students and their families to a variety of community resources. 

    Each school counselor or school social worker has a Pupil Personnel Certificate from the Idaho State Department of Education. The minimum education requirement for this certificate is a master’s degree in school counseling or social work. 

    School Counseling

    The School Counselor:

    • Promotes a safe, caring, climate and a positive school experience for all students
    • Guides and supports students with personal, social, and academic goals
    • Encourages students to have healthy perceptions of themselves
    • Inspires students to show kindness, respect, and empathy toward others
    • Advocates for students, and empowers students to make positive choices, by using appropriate tools for problem-solving and decision making

    The Role of the School Counselor:

    • Offers short-term, solution focused, individual and group counseling (group counseling is based on availability).
    • Teaches whole group class lessons with district approved curriculum
    • Observes students in various settings
    • Consults and collaborates with parents, staff, students, and community agencies
    • Provides community referrals and resources for families
    • Coordinates Section 504 Accommodation Plans
    • Provides support during a crisis

    The School Counselor's Referral Process:

    • Referrals typically come from parents, staff, and students
    • Students can stop by the counselor’s office (with teacher permission), and fill out a request slip, or bring their own note, and place it in the counselor’s confidential mailbox. Or, students can ask their teacher to contact the school counselor for them
    • Staff and parents may contact the counselor at any time via phone or email

    Confidentiality Policy:

    • What you say in here stays in here UNLESS:
      • You threaten to hurt someone...
      • You plan to hurt yourself...
      • Someone has hurt you...
      • You have broken the law...
      • You give us permission to share with other trusted adults...