Former or Graduated Students Transcript Request Form

  • Class of 2020 graduates

    If you received notice from your college that they have not received your final transcript, please remember the following: 

    • Colleges/Universities generate auto emails weekly to students until they process the transcript at the university level.  It takes most universities upwards of 6 weeks to accomplish this for all students and in the interim they will continue to receive the auto-generated emails.  
    •  If you did not request their final transcript be sent, you need to log into their Naviance account and request it be sent. (Click here for instructions on requesting transcripts through Naviance)
    •  If you are still receiving notice after July 20th, please re-request and we will send the transcript again.


    Complete the Transcript Request Form if:

    • You are a MHS graduate needing a transcript
    • You are a current student needing a transcript for a scholarship (no fee for current students)


    Steps to complete a transcript request:

    1. Complety fill out the Transcript Request Form (download the form to your computer--then open it to fill out the PDF document)
      • Mail completed form to:
        • Meridian High School
          Attn: Transcripts
          1900 W. Pine AVe
          Meridian, ID 83542

      • Fax completed form to: 208-350-4178 or 208-350-4179
      • Email completed form to:
    2. Graduated Students: There is a $2 fee per transcript payable by check, cash, money order or payonline at  (must send or fax online payment receipt with request form)