• Hillsdale Elementary School Profile 2017-2018

    “community connections, collaboration, and critical thinking”


    School Pride:

    We are a community partnership school that is connected to the South Y, Meridian Parks & Recreation, St. Luke’s and works alongside the Meridian Library District. Our mascot is the heron, and our school colors are navy blue, silver and white. “It is our mission to educate the whole child, to influence individual future success, the greater community, and the world.” Our school is named after the Hill family who attended the original Hillsdale Elementary School and donated the land for our school.

    Our school serves pre-school students grades K-5th grade.



    Khristie Bair, Principal

    Leanne Yacuk, Vice-Principal

    Kerry Elder, Counselor



    39 Certified Staff

    20 Classified Staff



    840 Enrolled

    6 Languages Spoken

    5% Gifted and Talented

    10% Special Education

    12% Economically Disadvantaged


    Grading Scale:

    1 – Student does not yet demonstrate competency on the grade level achievement target.

    2- Student demonstrates inconsistent competency on the grade level achievement target.

    3– Student demonstrates consistent competency on the grade level achievement target.

    4– Student demonstrates consistent competency on achievement targets above their grade level.


    School Activities:

    We have an active PTO and Student Council.

    We offer Spanish classes and Orchestra before and after school.

     All students participate three times a year in Kindness Weeks as part of our Bully Prevention Campaign.  Many students also participate in our Wednesday walk/run program during the lunch hour.

    Our students may volunteer to participate in Safety Patrol, which helps assists our kindergarten students, offers daily support in the hallways to maintain general traffic and actively helps our student body to explain and maintain a positive, safe environment.


    School and Staff Recognition:

    Sarah Baker was selected as our 2019 Teacher of the Year.

    Susan Kelly was selected as our 2019 Classified Employee of the Year.