• Bond and Supplemental Levy Election

    Approved by Voters on March 13, 2018


    Voters are encouraged to participate in the March 13, 2018 school bond and supplemental levy election.  Some key considerations:

    The supplemental levy ballot question asks voters whether or not to renew the West Ada School District’s current $14 million supplemental levy

    • Supplemental levies provide operating revenue for school districts that pays for staff, utilities, and materials
    • The West Ada School District has been authorized by voters to collect the levy in the amount of $14 million every year since 2012
    • Supplemental levies must be reauthorized by voters every two years
    • A supplemental levy requires a 50% majority to be approved

    The West Ada School Bond proposal would authorize the school district to sell $95 million in bonds to complete the following projects:

    • A new high school
    • A new elementary school
    • Add 20 classrooms to Mountain View High School and expend the cafeteria
    • Remodel and add 10 classrooms to Star Elementary
    • Add permanent classrooms to Mary McPherson Elementary
    • Purchase future school sites

    Because of the increase in property tax value in West Ada, the tax levy rate will not increase if these measure are approved by voters

  • Thank You
    to our Voters!


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