New Student Registration Information

  • The registration process begins online by going to the pre-registration website by CLICKING HERE.
    Once you submit the information our secretary will receive an email letting her know your child needs to register. 


    • IMMUNIZATION RECORDS: the Idaho School Immunization Law requires that children be up to date on their immunizations in order to attend school. All students must provide current immunizations records prior to starting school (Idaho Code, Section39-4801)

    • CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Upon enrollment of a student, parents are required to provide a certified copy of the student's birth certificate (Idaho Code, Section 28-4511)

    • PROOF OF ADDRESS: Residency verification such as a utility bill, purchase agreement, rental agreement, bank statement, or any legal document which establishes home address.

    • SPECIAL SERVICES: If your child has a 504 or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) please provide a copy for us at the time of enrollment.