Enrollment Information

  • New Student Enrollment Process

    Steps to enroll your student at Centennial High School: (NOTE: For the school year 2020/2021, first day of school is 08/27/2020)

    1. Go to the West Ada website, https://www.westada.org.

    2. Click on Register in the line at the top of the page

    3. Select the New Student to the District Registration option

    4. Fill out the Pre-Registration Online Enrollment Form

    5. An email will be sent to you detailing the next steps.

     If you have been to a West Ada school in the past but have left and are returning, please follow the above steps.

    Documents you will need for enrollment:

    1. Proof of Residency - Current utility bill (this includes water, city utility, Intermountain Gas, or Idaho power with your name on it.

    -A recent signed (within the last 60 days) rent receipt, or a current lease or rental agreement must be signed by the leasing company or sent directly from them.

    -The most recent mortgage statement or escrow documents showing home ownership, or a contract to build or purchase a house.

    PLEASE NOTE: Phone, cell phone, cable/TV, car registrations, Driver’s Licenses, and bank statements, WILL NOT be accepted as proof of residence.

    –If you do not have a document with your name on it you must have the Owner/lessee complete an address affidavit as well as provide the address documentation with their name on it.

    2. Birth Certificate

    3. Immunization Records - Please see link for state requirements

    4. Official Transcripts

    5. Withdrawal grades from previous school (if coming in mid-year)

    6. Completed Course Selection paperwork (this can be found on-line or in the CHS Counseling Center –you will also receive a copy when you pre-register)

    7. Legal court Documents - Custody, Power of Attorney, Protection Orders etc. If you are not the parent for this student you must provide legal documentation (Power of Attorney, legal guardianship etc.)

    8. A current copy of IEP or 504 Plan – if applicable

    9. Students who have two or more languages in their homes will need to make an appointment with the District Intake Center. Once that process is complete, new students will be referred back to the school. Contact our District Intake Center at (208) 350-5100.

    If you live in the West Ada boundaries, but not the Centennial High School zone, you will need to complete the In-District Transfer application. https://www.westada.org/Page/14532 Please make sure you choose the correct school year. Return the completed application to your student’s boundary home school. The principal at your home school will approve or deny the application. If approved they will forward the application to Centennial for their approval or denial. This process can take up to 60 days, so you will want to enroll your child at your boundary high school. Once the application is denied or approved you will receive an emailed letter with the decision on the transfer. This will be sent to the email address provided on the application.

    If you do not live in the West Ada boundaries you will need to complete the Out-of-District Transfer application. https://www.westada.org/Page/14532 . Please make sure to choose the correct school year. You will return the completed application to the West Ada School District or email to the registrar at Centennial High School and she will forward on. This approval process can take up to 60 days, so you will want to enroll your child at your boundary high school. If you are approved you must register/enroll your child at Centennial High School at. Refer to instructions above for registration.