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    Mission, Vision, & Faculty Collective Commitments


  • Star Middle School


    Mission Statement



      To produce learners who are responsible, accountable, and productive. We foster an environment where students are encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning and will go on to be collaborators, inventors, and leaders. 



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  • Star Middle School


    Vision Statement



    Learners are inspired to be better people and can achieve their goals because of their experiences at Star Middle School.


Faculty Collective Commitments

  • We have established these guiding principles as a basis for our values as teachers and professionals at Star Middle School.  They are intended as a means for informal personal reflection and are not intended to be used in the formal evaluation process.  They represent our shared purpose and will continue to guide us as educators. 

    • We will provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically and intellectually safe.
    • We will model, monitor and enforce student and adult behaviors that contribute to a safe, clean and orderly environment.
    • We will model positive character traits.  We will show respect to everyone, we will demonstrate integrity in all areas and we will act responsibly.
    • We will teach to the priority standards in our content areas and use instructional strategies that engage students in meaningful learning.
    • We will provide the students with the tools that allow them to be reflective on their progress and responsible for their own learning. We will provide clear learning targets, self-assessments, proficiency scales, updated calendars and online access to key aspects of the curriculum.
    • We will model the importance of life-long learning through our ongoing professional development.
    • We will collaborate with one another to create conditions that will promote success for every student.
    • We will communicate effectively with parents by utilizing blackboard connect, webpage, phone, email, gradebook, teacher calendars and video announcements appropriately.
    • We will provide opportunities for parents to join us in the educational experience with their children.  We will invite them to be chaperones, classroom volunteers, and celebration organizers.