• Star Middle School
    Mission, Vision, & Faculty Collective Commitments


  • Star Middle School Logo As a community of professional educators at Star Middle School, we are fully invested in our mission to produce well educated students who are personally responsible, accountable, and productive.  Our goal is to foster an environment where students are encouraged to be inquisitive with the intent of developing a lifelong love of learning, as well as producing a community of learners who will become collaborators, inventors, and communicators. 

    As a staff, we are committed to providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum while integrating character education.  Ideally, students will grow to understand the importance of stretching themselves personally in order to be positive contributors to their society. 

    We will invite and encourage parents to be highly involved and proactive in their child’s education.  We recognize that valuing parent involvement is crucial to our success as an educational community.

    At Star Middle School, we are partnering to create lifelong learners who positively impact our culture.


  • We envision a school where every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel, where all students achieve to their full personal potential, across all grade levels and all subject areas. We envision a school where every student attains the educational foundation, skills, and knowledge necessary to succeed in their lives following graduation. We envision a school where every teacher contributes with excellence to the educational process and climate in such a way as to elevate the teaching profession.

    Star Middle School will be a place where all students excel, and all teachers inspire!

Faculty Collective Commitments

  • We have established these guiding principles as a basis for our values as teachers and professionals at Star Middle School.  They are intended as a means for informal personal reflection and are not intended to be used in the formal evaluation process.  They represent our shared purpose and will continue to guide us as educators. 

    • We will provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically and intellectually safe.
    • We will model, monitor and enforce student and adult behaviors that contribute to a safe, clean and orderly environment.
    • We will model positive character traits.  We will show respect to everyone, we will demonstrate integrity in all areas and we will act responsibly.
    • We will teach to the priority standards in our content areas and use instructional strategies that engage students in meaningful learning.
    • We will provide the students with the tools that allow them to be reflective on their progress and responsible for their own learning. We will provide clear learning targets, self-assessments, proficiency scales, updated calendars and online access to key aspects of the curriculum.
    • We will model the importance of life-long learning through our ongoing professional development.
    • We will collaborate with one another to create conditions that will promote success for every student.
    • We will communicate effectively with parents by utilizing blackboard connect, webpage, phone, email, gradebook, teacher calendars and video announcements appropriately.
    • We will provide opportunities for parents to join us in the educational experience with their children.  We will invite them to be chaperones, classroom volunteers, and celebration organizers.