Mrs. Julie Miller



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Mrs. Julie Miller

I am very excited to return to teaching English at Meridian Academy.  This is my second year here and I have enjoyed each and every day. My students always bring me joy, from hugs to jokes to simple hellos.  I have discovered hidden talents within my students, like the ones that love to bake and cook. 

I am actually from San Diego, born and raised there, and, yes, I am a graduate of beautiful San Diego State University.  I have three talented children, two in high school, one in elementary, and have been married now for over two decades.  We adopted a puppy last year, who, thankfully, has chosen to stay with us and love us, despite the food we feed her.  I have a variety of  ways I like to relax: movies, reading, TV, walking, mountain biking.  This year I am truly looking forward to watching Downton Abbey, Rambo, Zombieland 2.  My favorite movie, though, is Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.  I can always watch Pride and Prejudice. I did try the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie once. I now regret that decision.  I also relax with murder mysteries (Agatha Christie still rocks it), and, yes, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is my favorite channel.

I love teaching ELA, forever changing and flowing, new stories and new experiences shared.  I do not buy into the "I hate English" comments I receive from time to time. That just tells me that the student hasn't quite found something that appeals to them.  I try to fix that, though some are more challenging than others.

I truly look forward to making this the best year ever.