Degrees and Certifications:

Bryant Weakley

Mr Bryant Weakley

I am excited to begin year 3 here at Meridian Academy.  I will be teaching Math for Arenas Bryant/Michele and Mac/OC.  We hope to implement a hands on Botany/Gardening/Horticulure class and possibly an Aquaponics club.greenhouse


   Prior to teaching overseas in Soul Korea at a Christian International School as a missionary teacher, I spent 24 years teaching Math in the Medford School Dist in Southern Oregon.  I also taught math in Southern California for 3 years before teaching in my home town of Medford.  Besides teaching I have coached several sports over the past 30 years.   I have often taught summer school for the high school and the alternative schools back in Oregon and my first 2 years here in the WestAda SD.  Our son that is employed at Micron encouraged my wife and I to apply to work in the Boise area when we were done with our teaching overseas.  My wife Julie is working at Victory Middle school as a science and math teacher.   While I will root and support BSU my son and I are both Alumni of Oregon State University.   My daughter graduated from OCCI with a Culinary degree in Pastry and baking as I have learned that we have many students from MAHS that have attended that college.

I have a Bachelors from OSU and a Masters in Administration from Concordia Univ in Portland.  I am currently dual certified in both Idaho and Oregon for teaching.  I look forward to meeting all of you.