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Seoyeon Lee

My name is Seoyeon Lee. I come from Seoul, South Korea. I was very excited to get back to college and prepare my second career path as an educator. I earned two degrees, a bachelor in Secondary Math Education and a Masters in STEM Education from Boise State University. I became a Math teacher. I also met my husband and several awesome friends in Boise. Boise is my new home.
I love my life including my teaching job at Eagle Academy. Sometimes, it is not easy to get up early in the morning. However, I am thrilled and happy every morning driving to school to meet my students. I have several groups of remarkable students; it is great to work with all of them. I teach them Math, and I also learn something new from them every day. 
Teaching is my passion. Cooking is my joy. I love growing vegetables in the kitchen garden as well. I study Italian in my free time hoping to be able to have a conversation in Italian with my in-laws one day. I cannot speak Italian fluently any time soon, but I know the best way to learn a foreign language. I must have a positive attitude and work on learning the language little by little every day. It is just like how to succeed in Math class.