4th grade

Week Of April 19-23, 2021


         Weekly  Zearn Lessons – Mission 6 & 4






             Lesson 16

            Quiz/Lesson 5

           Lesson 7 & 8

              Lesson 10

         Lesson 11

    Dear family,

    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Exciting news, Pacers are back!
    4th grade Pacer time will be during our first recess, Tuesday – Friday. Students
    who wish to participate will be encouraged to set personal goals. Class prizes, the
    Golden Shoe, will not be given this year. The Pacer program is optional.

    To prepare students for our Math ISAT in May, we will be doubling up on
    lessons for the upcoming week. Students will be finishing up the decimal fractions
    unit and beginning the geometry unit. Please encourage them to keep up with their
    daily Zearn lessons, to continue practicing their facts and to achieve their weekly
    goal of 50 minutes on I-Ready.

    Last month, students started using the online reading program, Imagine
    Learning and Literacy. This program has proven to be beneficial in the areas of
    reading comprehension and vocabulary. If you are looking for “homework” or
    additional work to implement at home for your students’ reading growth, this is a
    great resource. The program can be accessed through their Clever account.


    Thank you for your support and all that you do.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via email.  

    -Renee Serafine  serafine.renee@westada.org or 855-4040 ext. 1124


Weekly Spelling Word List: The Everliving Tree