4th grade

Week Of September 21-25, 2020


                                                             Weekly  Zearn Lessons – Mission 1 Lessons 1-5












    Dear family,

    I hope you all had a great weekend! This week we will begin our first math module of the year on place value, rounding and addition/subtraction. Our classroom uses the Zearn Model during our math instruction time, in class and at home. Your student’s login information came home last week. Please make sure that this information stays in your student’s backpack. The expectation for Zearn at home, is that your student completes one lesson per day and does not go past the assigned lesson for that day. Using the program at home, will give students more time to work independently on their digital lessons. Above is the schedule of lessons that your child will work on each day. Parent information and tips on each math skill taught in class can be found on my classroom website on the page titled, “What we are working on in class”. The ZEARN class code, that is needed for the first time students login, can be found on my website on the page titled, "Web Resources."

    This week we will also begin our weekly spelling tests. Each week your student will be assigned a Spelling PowerPoint, on which they are given 2 opportunities to practice their spelling words. Students are also encouraged to use Spelling City to practice their words. This app can be accessed through our Teams class in the tab labeled Clever. Spelling tests will be graded but they will not be sent home.

    As a reminder, we are still operating on an alternating day/yellow schedule. This week Team 1 will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday. Team 2 will attend on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each day your student attends school (in person), they will need to bring their laptop and headphones with them. Please make sure that it is charged. We are limiting the amount of paper copies that will be used in class, so most assignments will be done digitally. In addition, the use of the laptops in class will ensure your students proficiency with the Teams program which will help them to be successful at the at home tasks.

    When your student is at home on yellow, they will need to join us twice daily, 9:10 and 2:20, via the Teams website. Each day, they will need to follow our Virtual Visual Schedule. This can be found on our Teams classroom site, in the 🚀Landing Pad Channel. Once there, go to the files tab and look for the Virtual Visual Schedule. It will be labeled with the current week’s date. Students are only to complete the scheduled activities for the specific weekday. The at home assignments are not optional.

    ***The following is a list of highly suggested supplies: pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, scissors, white board markers, paper, pocket folder, binder, headphones, hand sanitizer and Kleenex. Supplies cannot be shared and will need to be kept with the student at all time. Please send your supplies with your student as soon as possible.



    If you have questions, concerns, or comments please email or call me.


    -Renee Serafine  serafine.renee@westada.org or 855-4040 ext. 1124


Weekly Spelling Word List: My Brother Marin

My Brother Martin Spelling List