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Mrs. Kyra Poppler

Aloha and Welcome! I have returned as the Drama and Film teacher for my second year here at EMS... so yes this is the sequel! Take 2! A bit "about me," I grew up on Kauai, Hawaii and when that rock got too small I moved to the bigger rock of Oahu, Hawaii where I studied Theater at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. After graduating I taught acting and film while performing in many a local movie, commercial, and theatre piece (oh and the odd improv troop here and there)... and a couple of extra roles and small bits in not so local movies and tv shows. I got to meet a lot of famous people and a lot of not so famous people along the way. When that rock got too small for me I then moved to Hollywood where I worked in casting and Talent management, and doing a few extra jobs and film work for fun... which brought me back to my first true love... teaching! I got my Masters in Elementary Education while working as a nanny/tutor and yes still doing the odd extra role and tv appearance here and there because, hey I lived in near Hollywood. My husband and I moved here with our (most of the time) adorable 4 year old (almost 5 and going on 16) daughter way back in 2017 for his job and I was fortunate enough to land here at EMS!! He now works from home... Ironic I know, but while he could now basically live anywhere for his work I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else! I love my job, I love my students, and I love EMS! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and teaching the fine art of storytelling. Don't be surprised if you see me spontaneously burst into song or sport a viking helmet... because hey, it is drama!

Day to Day Drama... and Film

  • Whoa oh We're half way there...

    Posted by KYRA POPPLER on 10/2/2019

    Well... almost! It's spooktober which means we are getting close to Parent/teacher conferences! So far my Drama and Film Kiddos have done a ton of things! Pantomimes, Improvisational Theater, and are currently working on their first scripted staging expeditions for their mid-term project. As for Film they've edited 100's of hours of footage cumaltively and are becoming Adobe Premiere afficianados... or at least not as frustrated with it when the sound doesn't work!!! RATE CHANGE, PEOPLE! In any case I am extremely proud of what has been accomplished in the little time we have had so far... even though it seems like it's been an eternity at times... Excited to see what the rest of the semester looks like!

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  • Welcome... back!

    Posted by Kyra Poppler on 8/23/2019 11:00:00 AM

    Aloha and Welcome Back to School everyone!

    I am excited to have another opportunity to share my love of drama and film with another group of moldable and impressionable minds! I've been working on getting the drama room as Dramatic as possible for it's first appearance this school year! This includes getting my costumes and props in order and ready. If anyone is interested in donating any props or costumes (including old blazers or suit jackets) please let me know! I am always happy to expand my costume closet! 

    Since it is Friday my brain is pretty much done with planning and hopefully I have done what I could to teach effectively on Monday! I am always available via email so please do not hesitate! 

    If you read this, thanks! I will try to keep the blog up to date so you know what's going on in the classroom but as the year goes on and my brain deteriorates into the 2am panic wake up on how to show Pantomime in a new more effective way I could possibly lapse! Future Plea of forgiveness! 

    Here's a raise of my coffee cup, suspiciously empty now, saluting a great new school year!

    Best of luck and may the odds ever be in our favor!

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