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  • Family Resource Center NEST:

    The NEST is open Monday-Friday 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM or by appointment.

    Our schedule follows the school calendar.

    Feel free to drop in or call 208-855-4479 to schedule an appointment.

    What services do we provide to families?

    Our family resource center provides Necesseties, Education, and Self-reliance Training, which is where the term NEST comes from. We provide:

    • Basic needs from our pantry: clothing, shoes, household items, hygiene products, and school supplies
    • Computer and internet access for parents
    • Building relationships with families to better serve our students
    • Helping families create solutions to problems involving their basic necessities including: housing, employment, food, transportation, etc...


    Where is the NEST located?

    The NEST is housed in McMillan Elementary school. Check in with the main office and the Secretary will show you where to go!