• Your current situation will determine what needs to be done next.

    A. If your student is currently a "high school" student in West Ada School District:
    1. Take your completed packet to his/her current high school counselor so that he/she can fill out the Academy Checklist.
    2. Once the counselor has filled out the checklist and has attached any other forms to the packet, bring the packet to Central Academy.
    Please do not bring the packet to Central until the packet is complete.
    1. Contact your student's high school and request the ISAT or current test scores and write them on the Academy Checklist.
    2. Request an unofficial transcript to be sent to you and attach it to your packet.
    3. If applicable, request a copy of your student's IEP or 504 Plan to be sent to you or if you have a copy of either of these forms, attach it to your packet and bring the packet to Central Academy.

    The packet will be reviewed and if there are any questions on the application, the Central Academy school counselor will be in contact with you.  

    When openings arise, students will be enrolled on a first come first served basis with consideration of the special nature of the alternative schools, administration my also consider discipline records and social history when considering a students application. Our school counselor will contact you by phone to set up a registration meeting.