School Day SAT for Juniors

  • Juniors will take the School Day SAT on April 14, 2020.


    Juniors are required to take a college entrance exam to meet graduation requirements. All eleventh graders are automatically signed up for the SAT.  


    MHS staff have registered all juniors for the School Day SAT.

    Students need to be in the testing room by 7:45 am.
    The exam will finish at approximately 12:30 (no essay) and 1:30 (essay)

    • Test room numbers will be posted on the Main Office windows by 3 pm on Friday, April 10th.
    • Regular busses will not run on testing day.  If a student needs transportation for SAT day, they need to sign up for busing by Thursday, March 19th.  Students can sign up in the Counseling Office or by completing this form.


    Students need to bring the following items to the exam:

    • Current photo ID (i.e. driver's license, current school ID, passport)
    • Acceptable calculator with fresh batteries
      • List of acceptable calculators is available at
    • No. 2 pencils with erasers (not mechanical)
    • Snacks or water (optional---recommended for breaks)


    It is recommend that students leave their cell phone and other electronic devices (i.e. watch) in your car.  If a student is caught using your phone or other electronic devices during the test or breaks, the students will be removed from the test and their score will be invalidated.


    Contact Kathleen Beristain or Megan Peterman 208-350-4160 with any questions.