• What's CTE All About?

    The West Ada Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program provides students with an opportunity to jump start their post secondary education or acquire skills to enter the workforce right out of high school.  West Ada CTE programs contain numerous pathways, all guided by curriculum that aligns with current industry standards, creating a competitive advantage for students.  CTE classes include a combination of traditional classroom instruction and hands-on learning using state of the art equipment and machinery. 

    Many of these career pathways lead to industry certifications, post secondary credits and/or an industry externship.  In addition, each pathway is guided by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).  This committee consists of members who are local employers and post secondary college representatives, providing support for students and ensuring students receive a robust curriculum aligned to current industry practices.

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  • CTE Overview Letter - Printable Version

    Career and Technical Education - CTE - West AdaDear 8th and 9th Grade Parents/Guardians:

    The enclosed flyer highlights the West Ada Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered throughout the district. These CTE courses are available to all West Ada students who attend their zoned-home high school.

    What are CTE Pathways?

    CTE pathways provide students with an opportunity to jump-start their future through career exploration. These elective courses align to current industry standards to provide students with technical workforce knowledge and employability skills. Completing a pathway often results in earning industry certifications or participating in internships, which provides students a competitive advantage whether they go straight into the workforce or continue their post-secondary education.

    Do these classes require travel?

    Each CTE Magnet Program is taught at one of three CTE Centers located at Centennial, Meridian, and Renaissance Campuses. West Ada provides CTE shuttles for students who take a traveling class from each zoned-home high school to the CTE Centers and back. These shuttles run the entire school year in the morning and afternoons on A and B days. Students catch a shuttle in the bus loading zone. Students may also choose to self-transport if that is an option.

    What courses require self-transportation?

    Some of the higher-level classes that offer industry externships require students to self-transport. These classes are identified in the zoned home high school’s course description book.

    How do these traveling classes fit into my student’s schedule?

    Students taking courses that require travel to a CTE center will utilize a CTE shuttle bus to navigate to their destination, every other day for either an AM or PM block of time.

    How does my student register for one of these programs?

    Students who are interested in CTE courses will select these elective classes during their high school spring registration. CTE classes are offered at no charge to students. Contact your high school counselor for details on how to register and questions pertaining to course specifics.

    For more information, visit www.westada.org/CTE

    Students participating in many different CTE programs