Lead Testing at West Ada

  • student drinking water from the fountain Prior to 1986 commercial buildings and homes were built with water pipes and fixtures that may have contained lead.
    In 1986 Congress put a ban on the use of lead solder and restricted the lead content of faucets, pipes, and other plumbing materials.

    Since then, the EPA has set standards for lead levels in water that is used for drinking. Any amount over 0.015 parts per billion of lead is considered "actionable".

    Water Testing at Schools

    The West Ada School District has 21 schools that were built prior to the 1986 ban on lead. The district has been testing lead levels in drinking water at all school buildings built prior to the ban.

    The results of those tests are now coming in. Of the 21 schools tested, the following schools had one or more water fixtures that produced more than 0.015 parts per billion of lead.  

    • Christine Donnell School of the Arts
    • Frontier Elementary
    • Lake Hazel Elementary
    • Lake Hazel Middle
    • Lowell Scott Middle
    • Mary McPherson Elementary
    • McMillan Elementary
    • Meridian Elementary
    • Meridian High School
    • Star Elementary
    • Summerwind STEM Academy
    • Ustick Elementary

    Because the lead only appears in some and not all fixtures at these schools, the belief is that the lead in the water is coming from the piping inside the fixture itself. 

    The Plan

    water dripping from a faucet As a precaution, the district plans to do the following:

    • Custodians at these schools will run the water at every fixture in the morning and the afternoon to flush the system.  

    • Water coolers will be provided at all schools that were tested for all staff and students to drink from

    • All fixtures at these schools have been or are on schedule to be replaced

    • At schools where no levels above 0.015 were found, the district will test all remaining water fixtures to make sure none test above the 0.015 ppb level

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