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  • Covid-19 Track Announcement

    I apologize for the lateness of this announcement, but even though we know schools are closed I thought I would say hello to track and field athletes and parents.  It has been a huge disappointment to stop the season so far.  I especially feel bad for the seniors who had put so much work in this winter and the past three years preparing to do great things.  I wanted to let you know what I know so far.

    1.  The Idaho High Schools Athletics Association has not completely canceled track as of 4/6 10:27AM (there is a chance for a very abbreviated season).  As soon as I know more about this I will communicate with you.  

    2.  With that being said it would be great, both physically and mentally, to continue to exercise with the hope that we get a few more competitions in.  

    3.  Both the YMCA and local universities are talking about having summer meets to give the athletes opportunities to get marks this year.  

    4.  The clothing orders are done.  We are still figuring out how to get those to you.


    To Fundraise this year we are asking that each student pay $50-  This will include a team shirt in their size. If you cannot pay this fee please reach out to coach McCrea.

    The money will pay for the following:

    1.  Buying new uniforms for a large portion of the team- we have a huge team this year and are in dire need of new uniforms

    2.  Cleaning up the throws areas- cinder, paint, possibly weed fabric

    3.  Buying a few sets of blocks

    4.  Paying for timers and officials for our home meets

    5.  Giving a small stipend to one of our coaches

    6.  Cross bars for the high jump and pole vault

     Track and Field Order Form

    order form

    Track and Field Athletes.  Below is some important information that you will need to use to make sure you come ready for the first day and the rest of the season.

    1.  Email Coach McCrea to get your name on the preliminary roster and then go to the MHS Athletics Home Page

    2.  Once there you will want to print off the "Physical/Consent" form that you can find under the Physical/IQ/SWOL Info on the lefthand side of the page.  Take this to your doctor and get a physical if you  are a Freshman or Junior.

    3.  You will need to fill out your medical/insurance information for SWOl - see SWOL Instructions to help you fill out this form.  You cannot practice until you have this done and are cleared by our athletics staff.

    4.  The first day of practice is February 21st-  Dress warm, we will be outside.  Make sure you have paid your fees (Activity Card and Pay to Participate) to the bookkeeper.

    5.  Practice goes from 3:05 to 5:00 Mon-Friday with some optional Saturday practices.

    6.  The meet schedule, location and time can be found on the  MHS Track and Field website. You will want to use the website to stay up to date.

    Please don't hesitate to email with other questions

    Link to District Standards

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