• Welcome to the 2020-2021 Basketball Season!!


    The 2020-21 season is in full swing and we are super excited to play some basketball. We do have some changes coming to the season and we will try to keep you updated throughout.

    Unfortunately we will not have any fans or family members allowed into the games. All of the games will be broadcast on the NFHS network and we may also use facebook live or youtube live when needed. 

    We anticipate constant changes in our practice and game schedule and will do our best to update the players as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone for your positive support of the Rocky Boys Basketball program!! 


    UPDATE: (11-19) The start of the Boys Basketball season will begin Nov. 30th. Tryouts will be November 30th and December 1st from 3:00-6:00pm.

    On Monday, all freshmen and Sophomores that did not play on the Soph, JV, or Varsity last year will tryout from 3:00-4:30. All Seniors, Juniors, and eligible Sophs will tryout from 4:30-6:00. We may adjust a few players around slightly for Tuesday's tryout. 

    At the conclusion of tryouts on Tuesday we will post the teams outside our basketball office.  


    Players will not be able to tryout without a physical and IQ on file with our school trainers!!




    We will have Open Gyms on Monday, Nov. 23rd. We will continue to keep our same groups from 10:00-11:00pm and 11:00-noon. 



    UPDATE: (10-16) We will have Open Gym on Monday, Oct. 19!!


    New Open Gym Times!! - 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Monday and Wednesday

    7:00pm-8:00pm - All grades 11-12 and all players that played Varsity or JV last season.

    8:00pm-9:00pm - All grades 9-10. 

    We will adjust player times as needed depending on numbers.


    With the news of CDH putting us in the red category, the district has rolled back our capacity in the gym. No players will be allowed in the gym without a facemask and should only be taken off just before they start playing.


    Please continue to look here for updates. 


    We are ready to start our open gyms for the season. The gym will be open every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30pm-9:00pm for all basketball players looking for additional ways to play during the offseason. A few things that the players need to be aware of:

    1. Any player that has any symptoms of COVID are not allowed to play and strongly encouraged to stay home until all symptoms are completely passed.
    2. We will be breaking the players up by grade level and experience in our Rocky program. We will encourage the players to engage in proper social distancing when possible. 
    3. Only players that will 100% be trying out Nov. 13th are allowed. We need to try to keep our numbers down due to COVID concerns.
    4. Players need to have a physical on file with our trainers. If a player does not have a physical on file they will be allowed a 2 week period to get the physical before they are not allowed to play.
    5. No fall sport athletes are allowed to play until their season ends
    6. All players will need to wear a facemask into the gym and until they begin play.
    7. If the Westada School District moves us to the Red category we will suspend open gyms until further notice. 


    Tryouts will be Friday, November 13 from 3:00pm-6:00pm and November 14 from 10:00am-1:00pm.


    We will continue to provide updates on this website as the season gets closer.





    Update (6/26/20)

    Unfortunately due to the restrictions from our District and State we have cancelled our upcoming scrimmages and open gyms. If things change we will update the website and attempt to contact our players. Thank you. 

    Update (6/18/20)

    We have tentatively scheduled scrimmages from 7:00pm-9:00pm on the following dates:
    June 29th - Rocky vs. Bishop Kelly @ Rocky
    June 30th - Rocky vs. Centennial @ Rocky
    July 1st - Rocky vs. Middleton @ Rocky
    July 6th - Rocky @ Borah
    July 7th - Rocky vs. Boise @ Rocky

    We will have our Varsity, JV, and Soph teams play in the scrimmages. Teams will be set on June 24th and 25th and will be communicated during the open gyms that afternoon.


    Update (5/12/20)

    June 3 - July 3
    Gym Time - 11:00am - 1:00pm - Monday - Thursday

    Monday and Wednesday - All incoming grades 11-12 and all players that played Varsity or JV last season.

    Tuesday and Thursday - All incoming grades 9-10. 

     Key Points:

    1. Workouts are voluntary
    2. Social Distancing is expected
    3. Do not attend if not feeling well
    4. Facemasks are not required
    5. Players bring own water bottle, towel, and basketball

    Update (5/9/20)

    Parents and Players:
    I hope you've all been coping okay during this unique time. As more and more information presents itself on what the future may hold, I've created a tentative plan that will hopefully give everyone a little direction during June and July.
    June 1 - June 12 - We will create a shoot around schedule (no more than 20 players per court) during these 2 weeks. The groups will remain the same throughout. This will allow players to get back in our gym and re-acclimate themselves with their teammates and coaches. Times and groups are still being discussed.
    June 15-26 - We will be allowed to play and drill at a more competitive level. We will continue to limit participants within each gym. This will allow players and coaches to gain a better understanding of the expectations for the remainder of Summer and next Winter.
    June 29-July 30 - We will be putting together a schedule to play games/scrimmages against other local teams. There will be no travel outside of our district for any games/tournaments. This will allow players and coaches a continued opportunity to grow together looking forward to the Winter season. 
     Camps - We have scheduled camps for the lower levels (incoming grades 3-8) during the week of July 13-18.
    July 13-15
    Session 1 - Grades 6-8 - 9:00-11:00am
    Session 2 - Grades 6-8 - 12:00-2:00pm
    July 16-18
    Session 3 - Grades 3-5 - 9:00-11:00am
    Session 4 - Grades 3-5 - 12:00-2:00pm
    Of course, this tentative schedule is subject to change based on state and southwest district health guidelines and policies.
    Rocky Boys Basketball will do our very best to limit conflicts with other sports/club ball/activities/vacations. I will continue to update our website on details and changes throughout the Summer. We are dealing with this unique situation as best we can and it is definitely not what we had envisioned coming into the Summer. As you know everything is subject to change at a moments notice and your continued patience and positive support is greatly appreciated.

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  • 2020-2021 Varsity Game Schedule


    12/12   - Bishop Kelly - Home - L - 45-54

    12/19 - Meridian      - Home - L - 63-68

    12/22  - Columbia   - Away - W - 49-48

    1/2     - Skyview     - Home - W -63-44

    1/6     - Eagle         - Home - W - 60-57

    1/15   - Capital       - Away - W - 65-33

    1/16   - Borah         - Home - W - 66-41

    1/19   - Kuna          - Home - W - 70-57

    1/21   - Centennial  - Away - W - 50-38

    1/23   - Mtn. View   - Home - W - 49-43

    1/30   - Boise         - Home - W - 62-53

    2/3     - Timberline  - Home- W - 47-40

    2/5     - Meridian     - Away - W - 52-50

    2/9     - Skyview     - Away - W - 50-39

    2/11    - Eagle         - Away - W - 59-53

    2/16    - Kuna          - Away - W - 58-45

    2/22    - Mtn. View   - Away - 

    2/11   - Eagle         - Away      











    Rocky Mountain Boys Basketball Camp 2020 -

    Updated 7/14

    New Ada County Face Mask Order

    We will continue to offer our Boys Basketball Camp. The CDH has issued the following statement:

    "Every person is required to wear a face covering that completely covers the person's nose and mouth when the person is in a public place and others are present and physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained. A. "Public place" shall mean any place open to all members of the public without specific invitation."

    Because our camp is not open to the public without registration and specific requirements our district athletic department has agreed that our campers have the option to wear a face mask while inside our gymnasium. Our coaches and staff will continue to wear masks and continue to implement the multiple safety measures that are in place. 


    Updated 7/10

    The Boys Basketball Camp is Ready to Go!!

    We are excited to begin our 2020 camp on Monday. I want everyone to be aware due to the increase in Covid cases we are making some necessary adjustments to increase the safety of all campers.
    1. Campers are limited to 40 in each session. (As of this posting we have registered 37 in sessions 1 and 2 and 28 in sessions 3 and 4)
    2. Each camper will be given a camp basketball at check-in to use at each station.
    3. All coaches will be wearing masks and will keep them on as often as possible.
    4. All coaches are instructed to help campers maintain social distancing whenever possible.
    5. The campers will be broken up into smaller groups to improve social distancing.
    6. We will provide breaks for water and hand sanitizer every 20 minutes.

    The health and safety of our campers is our #1 priority. Our only ask of the parents is to make sure your son is healthy, has a general understaning of our precautions, and brings a water bottle.

    With all that said this camp is going to be awesome!! Our goal is to make sure your son works hard, improves his skills, and has a great time. Please come early to finalize registration and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 



    Updated 6/26

    Sessions are filling up fast...Highly recommend sending registration via mail just in case we run out of spots at the door.
    We must keep our camp to 50 or less people in the gym, so unfortunately parents are encouraged to not enter the gym floor area.
    We are also capping all sessions to 40 players to accommodate for coaches.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are SUPER EXCITED to be able to still offer the camp!!

    July 13-15

    Session 1—Grades 6-8—9:00-11:00am

    Session 2—Grades 6-8—12:00-2:00pm

    July 16-18

    Session 3—Grades 3-5—9:00-11:00am

    Session 4—Grades 3-5—12:00-2:00pm


     Click Here for Brochure for Summer Basketball Camps


    The cost for the camp is $50.00. For families-each additional sibling pays $40.00 after the first sibling pays $50.00.


    COVID-19 Camp Updates:

    1. Sessions have been added. We will be capping all sessions at 40 players.
    2. Early registration is appreciated, but please pay on the first day of camp.
    3. We will do our best to limit large groups, but close contact will happen during camp.
    4. Players will need to bring their own water bottles as the drinking fountains will be shut down.
    5. Rocky Mountain will provide each player a basketball on entry into camp.
    6. The camp is subject to change/cancel depending on the directive of our state and SIC administrators.
    7. Please check our website for frequent updates. It will be our primary source of mass communication.


    This is my tenth year running the Rocky Mountain Basketball Camp and I am super excited to be able to offer our camp again during this unique time. It is my sincere hope that the changes will be beneficial to all campers.

    This camp will keep you busy with positive instruction of the fundamentals and the fun of playing basketball.

    The objectives of the camp are to improve the fundamental skills of basketball. With our incredible championship coaching staff we are able to accommodate all levels of players from brand new to those hoping for a college scholarship.

    It is the intent of this camp to teach kids how to have fun and work hard at playing basketball.  We will also emphasize good character, citizenship and being a good student




    2019-2020 Varsity Game Schedule

    12/3   - Meridian    - Away   -   W   - 74-69

    12/5   - Wasatch HS - Away -   W   - 85-56

    12/6   - Lone Peak -  Away   -   W   - 76-63

    12/7   - Wasatch Prep - Away -  L   94-96 2OT

    12/10  - Skyview    - Away   -   W    - 75-37

    12/12  - Boise        - Away    -  W   - 62-34

    12/17  - Eagle        - Away    -  W   - 65-51

    12/19 - Mtn. View   - Home   -  W   - 71-28

    12/21  - Timberline - Home   -  W   - 75-24

    12/27  - Borah        - Away    -  W   - 62-58

    1/7     - Capital       - Home   -  W   - 70-30

    1/10   - Centennial  - Away    -  W   - 58-29

    1/17   - Eagle         - Home    -  W   - 63-44

    1/18   - Meridian    - Home    -  W   - 76-52

    1/23   - Mtn View   - Away    -   W   - 75-37

    1/25   - Boise         - Home   -   W   - 71-58

    1/31   - Skyview     - Home   -   W   - 73-20

    2/1     - Timberline  - Away    -   W  - 63-33

    2/5     - Borah         - Home   -   W  - 65-37

    2/7     - Capital        - Away   -   W  - 73-26

    2/13   - Centennial   - Home  -    W  - 82-61

    2/18   - Skyview      - District -   W -  73-43   

    2/22   - Eagle          - District -   W   - 68-41

    2/28   - Borah         - District -    W  

    3/5    - Meridian      - State         W

    3/6    - Post Falls     - State         L

    3/7    - Eagle          - State          W 

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