RMHS Wrestling

  • Rocky Wrestling we are looking forward to a great offseason of weight training, summer camps and for some Fargo, ND for the National Championships.

    The team calendar is updated through August. Coach has a strong emphasis on strength training this summer aside from Fargo. We are in the middle of our first lifting cycle right now and that will go up to July 15. We have to be out of the school July 24 - 31 for the school to refinish the floor and clean. Next we have the dead period required by the state High School activities association (August 1-8) then we will start our 2nd 6 week cycle of lifting up to the end of September and finally our 3rd preseason cycle will go from September to the end of October.

    Caldwell Camp was great! We'll add some pictures of our guys getting better at CHS with the Missouri Tiger wrestlers and Idaho Legend Ridge Lovett! Rocky had 19 kids at camp this past week. There are many other great camp options below in the quick announcements tab. I encourage you to go to as many possible as you can.

     Key Dates - watch team emails and check the website calendar

    • Caldwell Camp - Team attended with 19 wrestlers - check!
    • Cycle 1 Weight Training (June 1 to July 15)
    • Cycle 2 Weight Training (July 19 to September 3)
    • Cycle 3 Weight Training (September 6 - October 15)
    • Preseason Cycle (October 18 to November 15)
    • 1st Weight Certification - October 20th after school 
    • November 15 - First day of Practice

Quick Announcements