Meridian High School Vision Statements

  • Student Centered

    • All members of the MHS community will be provided with the opportunity to grow, live, and succeed at their highest level.
    • Students will take control of their own education through persistence, self-motivation, and responsibility.
    • Students will experience a rigorous and relevant curriculum where excellence is the expectation.


    Instruction Centered

    • Educators will engage in reflective practices leading to better instructional strategies, student outcomes, and school/community climate.
    • Educators will create real-world experiences and connections that help make the curriculum relevant.
    • Educators will demonstrate a passion for their profession through collaboration, professional development, and the implementation of best practices.
    • Educators will implement effective instruction using real-world connections and engaging strategies.


    Culture Centered

    • We will create a culture that fosters a “Community of Learners” (Teachers, students, admin, etc.)
    • We will use collaborative efforts to identify and intervene on the behalf of students
    • We will create personal connections through a climate of mutual respect.
    • We will create a culture of caring, courtesy, community, and connection.
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