Students should use all forms of technology in a respectful and responsible manner and at the teacher’s discretion.  

    Respectful and Responsible means:  

    • Between 8:10 AM and 3:10 PM (8:25 AM on Collaboration Wednesday's), electronic devices are not permitted for use anywhere at VMS.  Students may use devices before school and after school.  Devices should be turned off or silenced and kept in the student's locker during the hours of 8:20 AM and 3:10 PM. Students will be allowed to use the school phone in the main office with staff permission. 


    • Never video or photograph without the consent of all parties involved and content obtained at school should not be posted to social media without consent.  


    • Use of any device with photo/video capabilities is banned in areas of assumed privacy (locker room/restroom).  


    • Never use another student’s device without consent.  


    • Individuals should immediately report any form of cyberbullying or inappropriate technology use.  


    • Headphones should not be in use during class without teacher permission.  


    • Technology use should reflect the Kodiak Way Expectations:  Respectful, Responsible, Safe & Kind  


    • Personal electronic devices including cell phones/headphones will not be allowed in the Safe School classroom or time out rooms.  


    Technology privileges may be revoked at any time