Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Bachelor's of Science in History from BSU. I have a Special Education and Elementary teaching certificate.

Kevin Chiles


Name Kevin Chiles, I teach Habits of Success and Physical Education. I've been teaching now for 4 years and have experience in the English and Math courses. You will notice evidence of students learning through collaboration, smiles, laughter and clear learning expectations.


I have a beautiful wife of 20 years, 3 children 2 boys ages 19 & 16 and 1 daughter age 13. I also have two dogs one 110lb Italian Mastiff, and a 13lb shiatzu/pomerium. I live in Meridian. I've lived in Idaho now for 6 years however I went to college here in 1994-1999. I knew in college that this was a great place to raise a family.


I love to spending time with family & friends. I recently completed the book the "Mental Athlete", I like the song "I believe I can fly" and one of the last movie I watched that was awesome was "pretty girl"

Favorite Quote:

Grant me the discernment to accept the things I can change, understand the things I can not and wisdom to know the difference.