Driver's Education Information

  • West Ada Drivers Education 2021-2022 School Year

    About the Class:Driver Ed
    The classroom portion of Drivers Education will take place ONLINE. The class will be synchronous (All Students will be online at the same time during class time).
    Students must be available for class on Mondays and Wednesdays between 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Attendance and participation are mandatory to complete the class.
    Driving will be scheduled at these Schools, Centennial, Eagle, Meridian, Mountain View, and Rocky Mountain High Schools. There will be no driving portion of the program available at Owyhee High School. Students may register for another site and would need to be able to meet at another high school location for the Driving part of the program.
    We are working on adding an onsite program to Owyhee High School in the future.
    The course is approximately 8 weeks and is typically held after school three days a week. (2 days of class and 1 day of driving). There will be no scheduled online classes over school breaks.
    However, students may be asked if they are available to drive during these breaks.

    The West Ada School District Driver Education program is taught by certified instructors, utilizes a state-approved curriculum, uses inspected and safety-equipped vehicles, and provides insurance coverage while students are in the program.
    Class Eligibility:
    •  Students must be at least 14½ in order to register for the Driver Ed. program.
    • Students apply for enrollment and will be selected based on the age of the applicant, meeting the registration deadlines, and the availability of instructors.
    • If selected, the student will receive a “Confirmation of Enrollment” email, after the registration deadline, (see below) indicating placement into the class. (Parent Email address must be provided in the online registration form.)
    Drivers Education Sessions 2021-2022:

     The Driving portion of the classes will be offered at these West Ada High Schools:  Centennial, Eagle, Meridian, Mountain View, Rocky Mountain

     Session 1  September 2, 2021 to November 5, 2021
     Session 2 November 8, 2021 to January 21, 2022
     Session 3  January 24, 2022 to March 18, 2022
     Session 4  March 28, 2022 to May 20, 2022

    *Our Summer Program will be held in June and July 2022.  Information will be posted on this website after Spring Break 2022. 

    Registration Deadlines: Registration ends at 3 PM
     Session 1  August 27, 2021
     Session 2  October 15, 2021
     Session 3  December 10, 2021
     Session 4  February 25, 2022
    *Note: If you are NOT accepted into the session you applied for, you will need to re-register for the next session of your choice.
    Class Tuition: 

    For Students who currently attend a West Ada School, the cost is $250
    For Students who do not currently attend a West Ada School, the cost is $260

    *Note:  You must register for the class using the Online Registration process before paying the class fees. 

    Instruction on how to pay for Drivers Education using MySchoolFees.commy fees
    1. Using your computer at home login to
    2. Select [REGISTER] and register with a User.  Select your student’s school and enter your Student’s ID.
      When you return to you will use your email address and the password you created to reenter the site.
    3. Select [OTHER FEES] to pay fees. If you are out of District select Centennial High School, then select public fees to pay.
    4. You will receive an immediate receipt by e-mail.

    *IMPORTANT NOTE: Paying the class fee using MySchoolFees is not the same as registering for the class.  You must also register for the class using the Online Registration process

    If you have special needs in paying fees, such as partial payments, you may not be able to complete the payment portion through this service. 
    Other Fees:

    Driver Education Permit (SIP): $28.50

    The Drivers Education Permit can be purchased through the Ada County Department of Motor Vehicles. Please see FAQ for more information. You must now schedule an appointment at the DMV. 
    The "Online Visit Scheduler" service is located at to make the appointment.

    Additional Information:

    To successfully complete the program the students must pass all 3 sections of the class (class, driving, and attitude). 
    Failure to pass all sections of the program will result in an overall failing grade, thus resulting in the student re-registering and taking the program once again. Full fee payment is required for each course taken. All regular school rules and regulations will be enforced in class and during the driving portion.

    Once a student is enrolled in the Driver Education program, they are NOT allowed to drive a private motorized vehicle on a public road or parking lot with public access. All driving activity is to be completed with an authorized driver education vehicle and instructor.

    Students are responsible for any citation incurred during the course.
    All fee payments should be made payable to West Ada School District and may be paid to any High School Bookkeeper or online at where the student is applying after receiving the Confirmation of Enrollment Letter.

    Students must keep their receipt.  The classroom instructor will ask to see the receipt indicating that payment has been made. Drivers Education Tuition MUST be paid by the beginning of class or arrangements must be made to pay or the student will be dropped from the program!

    Code of Conduct:

    The Code of Conduct is a policy put in place by the state and school district for those students in Drivers Education. It States: Any student observed driving by an instructor, School Official or cited by law enforcement for a driving offense and/or status offenses (curfew violations, possession and/or consumption of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco, or tobacco-like products) will immediately be dropped from the program and will be given a failing grade without a refund. 

    A student in violation of any school or district policy shall not be permitted to enroll in or complete driver education. If the violation occurs while enrolled in Drivers Education, the student will be removed from the course, receive a failing grade, and payment will not be reimbursed.

    Drivers Ed Sign - Apply Online Now *IMPORTANT NOTICE*

    State Policy requires Parents/Guardians to attend Parent/Student Orientation Meetings.

    Parents/Guardians are required to attend the Parent/Student orientation meeting that will be held at the start of each Drivers Education class. Student permits will not be issued to the students until this requirement has been met.

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