• Special Education services are designed for those qualifying students, who need specially designed instruction in the areas of Reading, Writing, and/or Math.  Additionally, specially designed instruction may be available for students whose disability makes it difficult for them to access the curriculum based on behavior, social, and/or emotional needs. 

    At Idaho Fine Arts Academy, the goal of special education is to fill gaps without creating new gaps.  Simply stated, that means we want to provide support, limiting the amount of time students are pulled during core instruction.  What that support looks like is unique for each identified student.  Once a student has been identified as needing special education services, we  attempt to work our schedule in a way that allows the student to be in the classroom as much as possible (Least Restrictive Environment, LRE).  We do our best to pull students at times which will have minimum impact on core instruction or Major areas throughout the day.  Sometimes, however, that is not possible and students may miss some core instruction, but as you can imagine, we do our best to avoid that, if at all possible.  

    The program at IFAA is focused on students who are able to access the uniqueness of a fine arts program.   Each incoming student who is already receiving special education services is evaluated to determine whether or not our school can provide for their individual needs.


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