Parking Permit (SOLD OUT)

  • Parking Permits are currently SOLD OUT!!!  As of 9-22-21


    Parking Permit applications are ONLY accepted electronically. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Click here to submit an application.

    Parking Permits are $10.00 and can be paid through or with the Centennial Bookkeeper, Mrs. Steinmetz. Upon completion of the online form and submission of payment, Security will deliver parking permits directly to students during the first two weeks of school.  

    CTE Student Self-Transportation Form: Click here (CTE students ONLY!)

    Parking at Centennial High School is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT. It is important that you follow all rules. This assists us in achieving the goal of providing a safe campus and a parking lot for all students. Parking privileges may be lost or suspended.

    1. Adhere to the posted speed limit of 10mph at all times (including evenings and weekends)
    2. Park only in spaces allocated for student parking (designated lot in front of the school and the lot on the east side of the tennis courts.)
    3. Do not park outside of designated parking stall.
    4. Do not have passengers in the open bed of a pickup.
    5. Drivers and ALL passengers must wear seatbelts.
    6. Students may not park in the following areas:

    • Visitor Parking
    • Along any yellow curb
    • Fire Lanes marked in RED or in the space marked POLICE PARKING ONLY
    • Faculty Parking located in the following areas:
      • The EAST parking lot next to the busing area
      • The WEST parking lot by the stadium

    7. Follow the parking guidelines:

    • Drive the correct direction up each aisle
    • DO NOT pull through parking spaces to the next aisle
    • Parking permits may be revoked for anyone who transports an underclassman off campus at anytime during the school day.
    • CHS has a closed campus policy; students should refrain from the following;
      • Using cars as a locker- students are not allowed to go to cars during class time. In an emergency, check with an administrator or security officer
      • Do not loiter in cars for prolonged periods of time when arriving before school and at lunch
    • Parking permit should be hung from the rear view mirror to be clearly visible from the front of thevehicle.

    8. Lunchtime Tardy Policy

    • After your 3rd tardy:
      • 4th Tardy: Lunch detention
      • 5th Tardy: Suspension and loss of lunchtime off campus privileges
      • Further tardies will require a meeting with parents, and grade level principal, and possible loss of parking permit.
    • Off campus permission can be reinstated by your Assistant Principal after requested by student.

    ✓ It is the responsibility of the owner of the permit to register the vehicle with the security office. Tickets issued at school are $15 for the 1st ticket, $20 for the 2nd, and $25 for the 3rd. Upon receipt of the 4th and any subsequent tickets, in addition to a $30 fine, the vehicle may be towed, at the owner’s expense, and the parking privileges revoked. Parking in visitor spaces or in the faculty lot may result in a loss of parking privileges.