Math Club

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    Math Club:

    • Improve math problem solving
    • Perform better on math tests both in class and on standardized tests
    • Develop a stronger math foundation for college
    • Develop teamwork skills
    • Participate in math competitions
    • Come meet new people

    *All math levels are welcome.

    Mu Alpha Theta:

    • National mathematical honor society for high schoolers and 2-year institutions
    • Participate in math competitions and apply for scholarships
    • Membership requirements:
    • Have taken 2 years of college preparatory mathematics
    • 3.0 math GPA
    • $10 registration fee

    *You do not have to be a part of Mu Alpha Theta to be a part of math club.

    Meeting Days: Thursdays during lunch

    Meeting Location: Room 219

    Faculty Advisor: Steve Bartlett

    President: Elena Yang