Advanced Placement (AP), Concurrent Credit & Honors

  • Centennial offers many courses that can be taken at advanced levels and accelerated paces. These are AP, Concurrent Credit and Honors courses.
    AP and Honors courses are for self-motivated and independent learners who are excited about challenging tasks and ideas in a subject area will succeed in these classes. Students should be prepared to spend five or more hours per week on outside-of-class assignments per course. Students may find earning an “A” to be more difficult than in other courses. No curriculum adjustments will be made to slow the instructional pace or limit the level of instruction of the course. If necessary, a student who is not successfully performing in a course will be moved to a regular course of similar subject matter.

    Concurrent credit courses are taught on a level comparable to a freshman college course. In this setting, students are academically challenged and expected to think analytically, speak, and write at a college level. Students do not have to earn college credit in a concurrent credit course. In order to earn credit, students MUST enroll with the college. Teachers will provide more information on how to do this.