Schedule Change Information



    Centennial High School Schedule Change Procedures

    Counselors and administrators make every effort to keep class sizes balanced. Centennial’s procedure is such that students who received the classes or alternates they requested at spring course selection will be expected to remain in those classes unless they meet one of the following criteria. These criteria do not guarantee a schedule change, but allow a student to be eligible for consideration for a change. All class changes are subject to final approval by the appropriate administrator.

    • Student wants to add or drop an Honors or AP Course (Honors and AP Classes may not be added 2nd semester)
    • Student is dropping an elective course for one required for graduation or college admission.
    • Student has an incomplete or incorrect schedule (e.g. missing 1 semester of a yearlong class or incorrect placement.
    • Student wants to replace an elective course with a religious release. 
    • SENIORS ONLY: Student is dropping an elective course for an early release or late start.  Student MUST meet eligibility requirements. 


    Schedule changes initiated by Centennial High School to balance class or teacher loads are not reversible.

    If a student drops a course after being enrolled in the class for two A days or two B days or more, the student will have the subject recorded on his/her transcript with an automatic F for the semester, and no credit will be given (West Ada School District Policy 603.2).

    If you are interested in a schedule change and it is within the first two A days or the first two B days of the course, Schedule Change Forms are available in the counseling office.

Schedule Change Request Form 2019-2020

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