Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA)

  • IDLA Spring Trimester Session - Registration ends on February 26th!

    Plan Ahead - COVID Reduced Fees for IDLA classes ends after Summer 2021 - If you need to take a "retake" class, this is the time to do it!

    IDLA Summer Sessions - Registration begins on April 1st!

    Have you fallen behind or striving to work ahead?

    IDLA provides online solutions for a variety of academic needs. The courses are rigorous and taught by highly qualified teachers. Dual Credit options are also available.

    If you would like more information email Ms. Rossman, Centennial's IDLA Coordinator at OR visit with your academic counselor to discuss class options and to ensure it falls in-line with your academic plan.


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     *First time IDLA students must complete orientation the day prior to course start date or IDLA will drop them from the session.


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