Sharpen the Saw Workday Teacher Rotations

  • The Sharpen the Saw Workday was created to help students receive additional support to master the concepts learned in class and increase their learning opportunitiesSharpen the Saw Workday occurs every week. During this time, students can participate in a learning activity if they are IP free, or get teacher support in completing their assignments.  

    Teachers rotate through three types of support rooms (see sample below): 

    1. Activity Room for IP Free Students (“Green Room”): Teachers in the Green Room will be facilitating an activity for students that are IP free. The students assigned to this room may or may not have that teacher as a classroom teacher.  
    1. General IP Work (“Blue Room”): Students who have miscellaneous IP work are assigned to the Blue Room. The students assigned to this type of room may or may not have that teacher as a classroom teacher, but the teacher will support the child in whatever capacity they can to help the student complete the IP work. 
    1. Specific IP Work/Reteaching Room (“Yellow Room”): Teachers sign up for students that they need to work specifically with in a smaller settingThis time period could be used to help a student with absent work, reteaching or catch-up.  

    Example of Teacher Rotation 

     Example Rotation

    How will my student know what they are missing? 

    Students are expected to complete a Sharpen the Saw Day Tracker each week in their Study Skills class.  

    How do I know when the Sharpen the Saw Days are?  

    See the Study Skills Calendar for more information (please note, this calendar is a live, flexible document).  

    What if my student comes unprepared to an IP Work Room?

    The IP Work Room teacher will encourage your student to use their resources to find the assignments they are missing (online, check with peer, look through binder, etc.). Students are not allowed to leave the class during this time to get assignments as other teachers are engaged in instruction. If a student cannot find assignments on their own, they are encouraged to work on some other academic activity (reading, writing, drawing, etc.). If a student cannot find an academic activity, they will be asked to complete an IP Reflection Sheet and conference with the teacher. The purpose of this sheet is to create a gameplan so the next IP Work Day can be more productive and useful for the student. 

Sharpen the Saw Day Tracker

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