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    JV Practice schedule:

    M-F 3:00 till 4:30 (unless match)

    Varsity Practise schedule:

    M-F 4:30 till 6:30 (unless match)

    BE SURE to bring water! Bring masks until gators arrive. (this week)


    This is from the Athletic Trainer:

    Be sure that parents use the instructions we created below.


    SWOL Introduction Letter to Athletes-RMHS 2020.pdf (westada.org)


    Only freshman or new to Rocky have to complete the whole process. Other athletes most likely filled everything out the year before so a parent just needs to answer a few insurance questions and then sign that they got educated about concussions.



    Many Parents Have Not signed the online IQ FORM - there is a parent signature requirement! Please go online and double-check that you signed. 3/4 have not signed

    FEES:  Activity Card: $44.50  Pay-to-Play Fee: $110.00

    Fees can be paid online at: www.myschoolfees.com, 

    All players are required to purchase an Activity Card, and a Pay-to-Participate Fee.

    (which is a West Ada School District requirement for All Athletes) 

    Beginning March 1st, athletes can pay Pam at the window before and after school, NOT DURING regular school hours. 


    Still Short some Physicals!!

    Players Will Not be able to practice until complete!

    Still required to Come to practice! 

    No Exceptions!  


    GO GRIZZ!!



    Please contact Head Coach Gary Salazar with any questions: treasurevalleytennis@gmail.com

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