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  • Hello my name is Zachary Mason and I am the Emergency Medical Responder instructor.  I am a Firefighter Paramedic and have been for the last 17 years.  I have been teaching CPR and EMS classes for the last 10 years.  I have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids.  In my free time I can be found outdoors usually on the river or in the mountains.  


    Emergency Medical Responder







    Zach Mason

    West Ada EMR Program EMR Instructor




    Medical Director:  Charles Reynold


    (208) 350-4380






    TEXT:  Emergency Medical Responder First on Scene 11th Edition, ASHI, Pearson Education

    WOOKBOOK: Emergency Medical Responder First on Scene 11th edition, ASHI, Pearson Education


    Required Skills

    Strong written and oral communication skills, basic human anatomy, ability to think critically, professional behavior, strong interpersonal skills, and physical have the ability to lift and move are all required.   


    Course Description

    An introduction to Emergency Medical Services includes the roles and responsibilities of the EMR, basic procedures, lifting and moving patients, airway management skills, physical assessment, special operations, and an introduction to life saving procedures for the pre-hospitalized patient or accident victim.



    This is a college level program. Upon completion it is assumed that the student wishes to enter the job market as a professional health care provider. Therefore, while in this class, the student is asked to please approach it as a profession.  As in life, a good attitude is often the single most important component in attaining success in the EMR program. Attitude, attendance, class participation, and performance have a profound positive impact on the student’s final grade.  Students who exhibit a poor or unprofessional attitude will be counseled accordingly. 


    Dress Code

    Students are required to dress professionally while in the EMR course and follow West Ada school dress code for all classes.  Student lanyards are required to be worn during all lecture days and will be kept in the classroom during labs.  Students that do not follow the required dress code will be given one verbal warning and after that will be sent to the office at Renaissance High School for disciplinary action.  Because of safety reasons students will be required to wear modest clothing (including lab polo), close toed shoes, no large jewelry during lab days.  If students are not dressed appropriate for labs they will stay in the classroom during the class and must make up the missed lab at another time.



    On-time attendance is required for this course.  If the student is not here he/she cannot learn all that is presented.  Please be respectful of your classmates and the instructors, show up before the bell rings.   History shows that in order to pass this course, the student MUST attend each class and be on time. There is always a close relationship between regular attendance and the student’s understanding of course content.  Regular attendance can make the difference between a student achieving a desired grade and passing the course.  If a student must be absent, from class, the attendance line at the West Ada Career Technical office shall be notified.   The CTE number is (208) 350-5051


    Grading Procedure

    Measurement of the cognitive objectives will include traditional quizzes, tests, and exams in a multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer and/or essay format, primarily in the classroom setting.  The psychomotor objectives will be measured through standardized skill sheet check-off forms and role-playing scenarios in the laboratory and/or clinical settings.  A lab rubric will be used to assess students during lab times by lab instructors and recorded as a grade.


    The following factors are evaluated to determine class standing and final grades:                    

















    There will be quizzes throughout the course every 2 chapters and will be announced ahead of time


    Course Assessments

    Test dates will also be announced in advance. However, the nature of the profession that the student hopes to enter demands that he/she always be prepared.  Tests may be comprised of any or all the following: Multiple choice, fill in the blank, true or false, matching, or essay.  Tests will reference texts, assignments, and lecture material. 


    Lab Assessments

    Assessments will be accomplished through standardized skill rubrics which will be included in students’ lab books. The methods will involve extensive role-playing assessment-based management scenarios that will simulate real life scenarios.  All students will participate as “EMR” and “patients” alike.  


    Course Final

    The final exam will be cumulative in nature and may cover any information.  There will be 200 Questions.


    Lab Final

    This will be a scenario-based exam that will include patient assessment, treatment, and skills based on the National Registry skills rubric.


    Assignment Submission Procedure

    Students will submit assignments using TEAMS, Email and hard copies.


    Late Work Procedure

    For every class day an assignment is late, the students will receive a 10% grade reduction, to the maximum of 50%.  Late assignments will not be accepted beyond the completion of the unit related to the assignment. Makeup assignments need to be arranged with the instructor during office hours.  Trying to make up work during class time is a distraction for other students.


    Academic Supports (Pi Center, Scribe, Language Lounge, AAP, Teacher availability, etc.)

    Renaissance High School offers several Academic Support Programs to assist students in a number of subject areas.  These programs provide students with an opportunity to receive assistance from their teachers and peers.



    Preferred Method of Contacting Teacher

    You can contact me through Remind or email me at


    Makeup Policy

    Students absent from any test must schedule a makeup with the instructor.  The test must be taken within a week of the original test date during the instructors’ office hours unless other arrangements are made.  A ten (10) percent penalty can be assessed for the absence. If the makeup is not completed as indicated, the student will receive a grade of zero (0) for that exam.


    Student Organization

    Health Occupations Students of America-HOSA.  Students are encouraged to join and participate in the student organization.  HOSA is a national organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in healthcare and enhance the delivery of health create to all people.  HOSA members will be involved in local, state and national events that provide the opportunity to develop skills and leadership qualities.  More information is available on the national website at


    Academic Dishonesty (from Student Handbook)

    Cheating in any form or manner is unacceptable. Every incident of cheating will be investigated by the teacher/designee and an administrator. The offending student will redo an assignment or assessment similar to the one on which they cheated. This assignment must be completed outside of instructional time. If the student is unwilling or unable to complete the assignment or assessment outside of instructional time the student will receive a zero on the assignment or assessment. The offending student will be assigned disciplinary consequences deemed appropriate by the administrator. Concurrent credit students are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations as set forth in the universities’ Student Code of Conduct.


    Electronic Devices (from Student Handbook)

    Students will use electronic communication or data devices only in a manner consistent with instructional and testing activities in the classroom. These devices include, but are not limited to, phones, music playing devices, cameras, wireless devices, and laptop computers. Use of these devices must not violate any district policy, or cause classroom disruption, nor may they be used in the access, creation, or possession of inappropriate materials (i.e. pornography). Use of electronic devices in the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher. Use of electronic devices outside the classroom is at the discretion of the building principal. Parents or students, who bring any electronic device to school or to a school activity, do so at their own risk. Joint School District No.2 and its schools assume no liability for damage, theft, etc. Videotaping or taking pictures is prohibited on district property (including buses) unless approved by building administration. If the policies are violated, administrators will determine consequences based on the severity of the incident. Additionally, on the first offense the device may be confiscated until a parent/guardian retrieves it from the front office/administration.



    Students are allowed to carry backpacks, sling back backpacks, cinch sacks, briefcases, bags and purses to and from school. Students must place these items in their lockers or designated area before the start of the school day. During the school day, these items will not be allowed in instructional areas unless approved by the administration. Personal hygiene items may be retrieved as needed.


    Students with Disabilities

    Any student with a documented disability may be eligible for related accommodations.



    During lab practice, it will be necessary to do body assessments on each other.  If during the practice the individual’s assessment makes you feel uncomfortable have them stop and discreetly tell them what they were doing was not acceptable to you.  If the practice is not changed inform the lab or lead instructor, be prepared with times and dates.



    In closing, I would like to say I am looking forward to teaching this class, and I hope you have fun!