• Hello!!

    I miss you all and hope you are doing well!!

    Just a few things about Exploratory Art 6 Quarter 3 grades: The grades for our last 2 projects that we finished (Op Art and our Van Gogh Sunflowers) are exempt from your final grade. This is because there were too many 'no-name' projects and right now it would be too difficult to track down who owns what. I'm so impressed with your Van Gogh paintings-everyone did a beautiful job and I will save them for you to collect whenever we return to school!

    Please keep being creative during this time! I hope you enjoy the art projects that Mrs. Hansen and I put together for you in the 'Electives' remote learning packet. If you finish any of these projects or any other artsy things that you have been working on email me a picture-I would love to see them! If you don't mind showing them off, let me know, and I might start displaying student artwork here!

    I have been trying to keep busy, as well. I made a 'Book Page Poem' (project from 'Electives' packet), I watched some macramé YouTube tutorials and made these wall-hangings, I have been taking the dogs on lots of hikes, and I planted one plant in the backyard and am just trying with all I have to keep it alive!

    It's a difficult time right now, but it's a good place to recognize how capable you are and how "figure-out-able" things really are. Write in a journal, make a little schedule for yourself, and take care of your mind, heart, and body!

    Miss you all <3

    Ms. Ryan

    Book Page Poem Macrame 1 Macrame 2 Simon & Neville


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