• Linda


    The SPARK Fund is an Education Foundation of West Ada grant funded program.  The Funds are given in memory of Linda Ventura, former Principal of Lowell School Middle School, Silver Sage Elementary School, Assistant Principal at Meridian Middle School, and teacher at Eagle Middle and Meridian Middle Schools.  For all who knew her, Linda was a SPARK of sunshine, passion, action, relationship, and kindness.

    To donate to this fund: https://www.westada.org/Domain/6002 in the description put SPARKS

    When funds are available this program provides each school with access to funds that cover anything that might not be accessible or fit anywhere else.  Allowable uses for the SPARK funds are school supplies, clothing, or anything that says to students “You are important, and you are cared about!”

    Lisa Austin and her team will approve requests Application information should be submitted by email to Lisa Austin at Austin.lisa@westada.org.   Lisa will then submit to the Foundation for reimbursement.


    SPARK Application Form